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biosphere - Wireless



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LABEL: Touch
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. Tone 38 | YEAR. (2009)

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1st live album by Norway's Geir Jenssen - recorded in 2007 by Chris Watson & mastered by Touch stalwart BJNilsen. In the early 1990s, he was a pioneer of so-called "ambient techno," but since then, he has refined his sound into something more magnetic & enduring. Here, he incorporates samples of field recordings by Jony Easterby & trumpet by Anders Karlskas, invoking a sparser, more arresting sound.

Notes   Tracklisting
Mix of elements from previously released tracks, performed and recorded live as one track, later divided into eleven index points at mastering. Recorded live at Arnolfini, Bristol, 27th October 2007 by Chris Watson using 2 x Sony ECM 77s with a Nagra P11 Ares flash card recorder, and from desk to hard drive. Mixed and mastered by BJNilsen, Berlin, March 2009. Thanks to Marie-Anne & Mark. This performance was part of Touch25 Live, which also featured a performance of Storm by Chris Watson & BJNilsen. CD digipak
 Wireless - Live At The Arnolfini, Bristol
1   Pneuma (2:13)
2   Shenzou (6:22)
3   Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings (6:45)
4   Kobresia (6:37)
5   When I Leave (6:20)
6   Warmed By The Drift (7:23)
7   The Things I Tell You (9:39)
8   Moistened And Dried (3:07)
9   Sherbrooke (6:11)
10   Calais Ferryport (5:39)
11   Pneuma II (1:56)