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The infamous list of musicians and bands that accompanied the first album by Nurse With Wound

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Mahogany Brain

With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger) - LP

Label: Souffle Continu

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Second in a series of ten reissues of the cult French underground Futura label. Recorded in december 1970, “With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger)” is the first album by Mahogany Brain, led by street poet / underground film maker Michel Bulteau and Patrick Geoffrois. It shares the same raw aesthetics with the Velvet Underground and offers 12 savage and unhinged songs of  distorted guitars with crude lyrics. Their story is quite short-lived: two albums in two years, highly respected, two classical slices of absurd psychotic sounds out of the French underground that defy categorization. Just massive.
Fully licensed by Gerard Terrones, this is the first official vinyl reissue of this French underground classic.

Cat. number: FFL005/RED02
Year: 2014

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