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Without a Song (Lp)
€ 24.00
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ccmc - Without a Song (Lp)


Without a Song (Lp)

€ 24.00

LABEL: Music Gallery Editions
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. MGE 31 | YEAR. (2019)

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Original 1980 LP, few copies available and of course long out of print. Recorded in January 1980, almost one year after Free Soap, Vol 5. Without a Song seems instilled with a new sense of humour and adventure. The LP finds CCMC quoting from lounge piano ballads one moment, whimsical comedy soundtracks the next and then lifting off into a full force freakout. The dynamics are incredible, with the band achieving the kind of volcanic volume associated with Japanese noise groups almost 15 years later, followed by passages of serene beauty and near silent micro-dynamics. It’s a truly enlightening ride, one that provides startling new insights on every listen.


 Casey Sokol – piano, steel drum, Yamaha organ
 Michael Snow – Piano, trumpet, marimba, siren electric piano, aluminum foil, percussion
 Nobuo Kubota – siren, strange horn, whistle, cymbals, drums, crackle box, alto sax, duck, glockenspiel
 Al Mattes – Buchla synthesizer, bass, shell casings, horns, marimba, bells, steel drum
 Peter Anson – Buchla synthesizer

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