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Akio Suzuki is known as a pioneer of sound art, but the breadth of his activities and the form of his works far exceeds the normal boundaries of sound art. It is perhaps more as a "quester after sound and space" that he has received the most attention from artists in many fields.  From the late seventies and through the eighties, Suzuki also developed a form of performance he refers to as Conceptual Soundwork. Applying a number of self-imposed, simple and austere rules, he uses objects close at hand in a mode of "intellectual play". While these events do on the one hand express a critique of meaningless improvised performance, at the same time Suzuki is constantly aware of the audience's process of listening and he attempts to create contemporaneous connections with the site of performance.

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Immediate Landscapes Akio SUZUKI - John Butcher Immediate Landscapes FTARRI ftarri-987 Sound Art CD 14.50    
Mu Ro Bi Ko Akio SUZUKI Mu Ro Bi Ko GAN dai ichi Sound Art Vinyl LP 15,50    
K7 box Akio SUZUKI K7 box ALM urcd-7 Sound Art CD 23,90    
Tubridge 99 -00 Akio SUZUKI Tubridge 99 -00 EDITION RZ RZ 10008 Sound Art CD 14.99    
Na-Gi 1997 Akio SUZUKI Na-Gi 1997 EDITION RZ RZ 10005 Sound Art CD digipack + bklt 15.50    
Mu Ro Bi Ko Akio SUZUKI Mu Ro Bi Ko GAN dai ichi Sound Art Vinyl LP 7  
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A i sha Akio SUZUKI A i sha EDITION OMEGA POINT OP 013LP Sound Art LP 25.90  
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Gelbe Musik Editions 1999 - 2000 Akio SUZUKI Gelbe Musik Editions 1999 - 2000 and/OAR either/10 Sound Art CDx2 12  
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ma ta ta bi Akio SUZUKI - Aki ONDA ma ta ta bi ORAL ORAL 59 Electronic CD 17  
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Soundsphere (Book + Cd) Akio SUZUKI Soundsphere (Book + Cd) HET APOLLOHUIS ACD079008 Sound Art CD+Book 50  
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Ki-date Akio SUZUKI Ki-date MUSEUM OF SETSUKO MIGISHI migishi Music from Japan DVD+Book 41.99  
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Oto - Date In Wakayama 2005 Akio SUZUKI Oto - Date In Wakayama 2005 Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama n.cat Sound Art BOOK + CD 28.00  
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Resonances: Akio Suzuki - Ossip Zadkine Akio SUZUKI Resonances: Akio Suzuki - Ossip Zadkine PARIS MUs√ČES isbn 2-87900-875-1 Sound Art BOOK + CD 10.00  
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Odds and ends Akio SUZUKI Odds and ends HOREN MIMI 012-13 Sound Art Double CD 26.00  
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