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Amon Düül

Amon Düül I celebrated in a joyfully open ended experimentation that at times equalled their more successful psychedelic rock equivalents in the USA and other countries. Such a loose methodology was unavoidably hit or miss and led to frequent disruptive personnel changes. The members were close to Kommune 1 in Berlin and boasted, for a time, a prominent member in Uschi Obermaier, a glamour girl of the day. Continuing for seven years, with varing degrees of success and in varying mutating guises, they wound down in 1973 after releasing four official albums which are these days regarded as esoteric if not necessary important records in the history of German rock.

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Psychedelic Underground Amon Düül Psychedelic Underground KLIMT 0889397838614 Experimental LP 17.90    
Paradieswarts Duul Amon Düül Paradieswarts Duul WAH WAH RECORDS LPS060 Rock Vinyl LP 21  
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Paradieswarts Duul Amon Düül Yeti INSIDE OUT ino39419cd Rock CD 17.00  
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Disaster Amon Düül Disaster SPALAX MUSIC SPA 14948 Experimental CD 15.00  
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Collapsing Amon Düül Collapsing SPALAX MUSIC spa 14949 Experimental CD 15.00  
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