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Argentinean musique-concrete artist specialized in music produced by manipulating the sounds of cassette tapes.
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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Concept Bongo Anla COURTIS Concept Bongo Coherent States CS-24 Experimental TAPE 9.90    
Cassetopia Anla COURTIS Cassetopia INI.ITU ini.itu1302 Vinyl LP 13    
Hamamatsu Power! Anla COURTIS - UP-TIGHT Hamamatsu Power! 8mm Records 8mm 050 Experimental Vinyl LP 14.90    
Cold/Burn Anla COURTIS - C. Spencer Yeh - Jon WESSELTOFT - Okkyung Lee Cold/Burn Feeding Tube Records FTR 069LP Experimental LP 18.90  
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Ornitologia Anla COURTIS Ornitologia 8mm Records 8MM 032 Experimental Vinyl LP one sided 17.00  
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return of the stone spirits Anla COURTIS return of the stone spirits BETA-LACTAM RING RECORDS mt139 Experimental CD 16.00  
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Tape works Anla COURTIS Tape works POGUS PRODUCTIONS Pogus 21040 Electronic CD 12.00  
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