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Arnold Dreyblatt is a minimalist who never forgot that music is still the human mating call. Anyone who has experienced the composer's recordings with his marvelously-dubbed Orchestra of Excited Strings knows how madly Dreyblatt's pieces swing. They flaunt time as precisely as a Swiss watch. Indeed, music like this can put you in the mind of the whirring cogs and pulleys of some small mechanized device.


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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Propellers In Love LP Arnold DREYBLATT - Orchestra Of Excited Strings Propellers In Love LP SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV117 Electronic LP 19.90    
Choice Arnold DREYBLATT Choice CHOOSE CHOOSE7 Experimental LP 17.90    
Turntable History Arnold DREYBLATT Turntable History IMPORTANT RECORDS 9mprec322 Electronic CD digipack 12.50    
Turntable History: Spin Ensemble Arnold DREYBLATT Turntable History: Spin Ensemble CASSAUNA sauna 14 Experimental TAPE 12.50    
Nodal excitation Arnold DREYBLATT Nodal excitation DEXTERS CIGAR dex 15 CD 15.00    
Second Selection Arnold DREYBLATT Second Selection BLACK TRUFFLE BT016 Electronic LPx2 18.90  
Out of stock
Nodal Excitation Arnold DREYBLATT Nodal Excitation DRAG CITY dc629 Compositional Form LP 24.90  
Out of stock
Appalachian excitation Arnold DREYBLATT - MEGAFAUN Appalachian excitation NORTHERN-SPY NSLP 044 Rock Vinyl LP 18.90  
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Who's Who In Central & East Europe 1933 Arnold DREYBLATT Who's Who In Central & East Europe 1933 TZADIK TZA8157 Electronic CD 15.99  
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Live at Federal Hall National Memorial, 1981 Arnold DREYBLATT Live at Federal Hall National Memorial, 1981 TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS TOE 054 Electronic CD 16.00  
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