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Ben Patterson

An early member of George Maciunas' art group Fluxus. Patterson was one of the members with prior musical training, his instrument being the double bass, and probably the only black member of Fluxus. He was an important performer in early Fluxus concerts, and has written many performance and musical pieces. However, it was not until the 21st century when recordings of his music have slowly started to appear.

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Born in the State of FLUX/us Ben Patterson Born in the State of FLUX/us Contemporary Arts Museum Houston - Sound Art book + cd 50    
Born in the state of FLUX/us Ben Patterson Born in the state of FLUX/us ALGA MARGHEN plana-P Alga034 Sound Art CDx2 32    
Early Works Ben Patterson Early Works ALGA MARGHEN plana P 8NMN.028 Sound Art CD 15.90    
Liverpool soundworks vol.2 Ben Patterson Liverpool soundworks vol.2 AUDIO RESEARCH ARECD 204 Sound Art CD 16.50    
Liverpool soundworks vol.1 Ben Patterson Liverpool soundworks vol.1 AUDIO RESEARCH ARECD 203 Sound Art CD 16.50    
Methods & Processes Ben Patterson Methods & Processes INCERTAIN SENS 9782914291460 Experimental BOOK 7.50  
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A Fluxus Elegy Ben Patterson A Fluxus Elegy ALGA MARGHEN plana-P 17VocSon061 Sound Art Vinyl LP 22.50  
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