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In 1972, Rolf Ulrich Kaiser founded "Die Kosmischen Kuriere" where will be signed all the Cosmic jokers albums. The COSMIC JOKERS is not really a band but a reunion of several German musicians and personalities from the 70s psychedelic and esoteric philosophies. The interest of this side project was to create a cosmic music with a virtual musical tribe to develop the world consciousness thanks to LSD. The COSMIC musical team gathered around the same message a bunch of well known musicians from the Berlin scene. The COSMIC JOKERS is an extreme musical trip, a unique adventure throw time and space. The music is for a large part improvised with proto-electronic gadgets combined to bluesy & spacey musical sentences built around the talented Manuel Gottsching’s electric guitar style.
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Galactic Supermarket COSMIC JOKERS Galactic Supermarket Victory VKM 58010LP Psych LP 18.90    
The Cosmic Jokers COSMIC JOKERS The Cosmic Jokers KLIMT MJJ325LP Electronic Vinyl LP 16.90    
Gilles Zeitschiff COSMIC JOKERS Gilles Zeitschiff SPALAX MUSIC SPA 14185 Electronic Vinyl LP 14.99  
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Sci Fi Party COSMIC JOKERS Sci Fi Party SPALAX MUSIC SPA 14884 Electronic CD digipack 15.00  
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