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On January 8th 1970, in a car accident a few kilometers outside Athens, the contemporary music world lost one of its most exciting and provocative talents. Although Jani Christou was only 44 when he died, he was regarded by many as one of the leading composers of his generation. He was controversial, highly talented, and greatly admired both in his own country and abroad.

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Jani Christou (Enantiodromie / Praxis / Epicycle / Anaparastasis Jani CHRISTOU Jani Christou (Enantiodromie / Praxis / Epicycle / Anaparastasis EDITION RZ RZ 1013 Compositional CD 15.50    
Collected Recordings Jani CHRISTOU Collected Recordings EDITION RZ 4CDset (SMH200 11102-1132) CDx4 + large bkl 86.00  
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