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norway’s jazkamer is the electronics and guitar duo of Lasse Marhaug and John Hegre, best known for their ‘metal machine music’ death metal concept album but also for the searing blasts of electricity that typify their more noise-oriented work.



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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Balls The Size Of Texas, Liver The Size Of Brazil JAZKAMER Balls The Size Of Texas, Liver The Size Of Brazil Purple Soil pulse zero: four Noise CD 10    
Self-portrait JAZKAMER Self-portrait PICA DISK PICA 017 Experimental CD 14.50    
The Monroe doctrine JAZKAMER The Monroe doctrine PICA DISK PICA 016 Electronic CD 13.45    
Musica Non Grata JAZKAMER Musica Non Grata PICA DISK PICA015 Noise CD 11.99    
Solitary Nail JAZKAMER Solitary Nail PICA DISK PICA014 Noise CD 11.99    
Pulse JAZKAMER Pulse BOTTROP-BOY b-boy 017 Experimental CD 15.00    
Chestnut Thornback Tar JAZKAMER Chestnut Thornback Tar TYPE TYPE 081 Experimental Vinyl LP+CD 17.99  
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Metal Music Machine JAZKAMER Metal Music Machine SMALLTOWN SUPERNOISE STSJ118CD Noise 15.99  
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