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Jon Gibson is a composer, woodwind instrumentalist and visual artist who has taken part in numerous landmark musical events, performing in the early works of Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and Philip Glass, as well as performing with many other composers, including LaMonte Young, Christian Wolff, Alvin Curran and Peter Zummo. He has performed in the Philip Glass Ensemble since its beginnings. His own music consists of a large body of solo and ensemble, instrumental and vocal works that have been performed by himself and others throughout the world. As a performer, Gibson appears on recordings by Glass, Reich, Frederic Rzewski, Arthur Russell, Robert Ashley, Annea Lockwood and others.

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Two Solo Pieces Jon GIBSON Two Solo Pieces SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV069 Electronic LP 19.90    
Visitations Jon GIBSON Visitations SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV 068LP Electronic LP 21    
Relative Calm Jon GIBSON Relative Calm NEW WORLD RECORDS NW 80783CD CD 15.50  
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Criss X Cross Jon GIBSON Criss X Cross TZADIK TZ 8020 Electronic CD 15.90  
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Visitations I + II + Thirties Jon GIBSON Visitations I + II + Thirties NEW TONE RECORDS nt 6747 2 Experimental CD 15.00  
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