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Lettera 22

Lettera 22 is a new project from Riccardo Mazza and Matteo Castro wich borns in the deep north east of Italy. Influenced by the contest of their everyday living in a place compressed between countries, mountains and factories, their sight points directly to men, machines, fields.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Legacy map Lettera 22 Legacy map HOLIDAYS RECORDS HOL088 2x7'' 12.90    
General Tempo Lettera 22 General Tempo SECOND SLEEP ss 065 Electronic LP 15.50    
Physical Point 12 Lettera 22 Physical Point 12 HOLIDAYS RECORDS HOL060 Electronic Vinyl LP 14.90    
Physical Point 12 Lettera 22 Lack Of Attention Ljud & Bild Produktion LBP003 Noise CD 12.00    
Grand Piano Lettera 22 Grand Piano SECOND SLEEP SS068 Noise TAPE 7  
Out of stock
Grand Piano Lettera 22 Native Waters SECOND SLEEP SS045 Noise Tape+ 7 14.50  
Out of stock
Grand Piano Lettera 22 Dieter Tapes NNA Tapes NNA041 Noise TAPE 7.50  
Out of stock
Grand Piano Lettera 22 P SILENTES TAPESTRY p-tapestry Electronic TAPE 6.00  
Out of stock
True Form Lettera 22 True Form A DEAR GIRL CALLED WENDY WE 13 Noise Vinyl LP 15.99  
Out of stock
Negative Tongue Lettera 22 Negative Tongue SECOND SLEEP SS024 Noise 2xTape BOX 9.99  
Out of stock