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Limpe Fuchs is a composer of acoustic and visual happenings who creates sound with unusual instruments. Born in 1941, Fuchs came of age in the hedonistic, politically charged sixties. After studying piano and violin in the early sixties at the school of music in Munich, a city full of fertile, counter-culture creativity, near the end of the decade she started „Anima Sound“, a collective name for twenty years of ‘sound research’ with her partner, sculptor Paul Fuchs. Also known as 'Anima Musica', they epitomized the ingenious marginal freak scene of the sixties and seventies and are often cited as a major influence on Krautrock

Member of ANIMA, Limpe FUCHS
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String Stone Weight (Lp)
Limpe FUCHS String Stone Weight (Lp) Ana Ott AO016 Sound Art LP 17.90    
Gestrupp Limpe FUCHS Gestrupp Play Loud! Productions PL 061LP Experimental LP 21    
Macchia Forest Limpe FUCHS - Christoph HEEMANN - Timo van Luijk Macchia Forest STREAMLINE STREAMLINE 1037 Electronic Vinyl LP 16.90    
Vogelmusik Limpe FUCHS Vogelmusik ROBOT RECORDS RR-37 Experimental CD 15.00    
Monte Alto ANIMA Monte Alto Youdonthavetocallitmusic Youdo 06 Experimental LP 19.90  
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Der Regt Mich Auf / A Controversy ANIMA Der Regt Mich Auf / A Controversy OHR OHR 69001-2 Experimental CDx2 16  
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Live at Tweeklank Limpe FUCHS - Gerard Herman Live at Tweeklank KRAAK K068 Electronic TAPE 8.50  
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Live at Tweeklank ANIMA Sturmischer Himmel WAH WAH RECORDS LPS062 Experimental Vinyl LP 19.99  
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Musik Fur Alle ANIMA Musik Fur Alle WAH WAH RECORDS LPS085 Experimental Vinyl LP 18.90  
Out of stock
Nur Mar Mus Limpe FUCHS Nur Mar Mus STREAMLINE STREAM 1016 Experimental CD 14.50  
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anima ANIMA anima SPALAX MUSIC SPA 14530 Experimental CD digipack 15.00  
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Muusiccia (metal/stone) Limpe FUCHS Muusiccia (metal/stone) STREAMLINE streamline 1004 Sound Art CD 20.00  
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Musik fur alle ANIMA Musik fur alle ALGA MARGHEN plana A 4TES.027 Experimental CD digipack 14.90  
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