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Maurizio Bianchi

Bianchi began to produce music in 1979, since 1980 using electronic equipment with the avowed goal "to produce technological sounds and in such a way to work on complete realising of the modern decadence". In the beginning, he published tapes under the alias Sacher-Pelz. Until 1984, Bianchi published on other labels intensively as either MB or simply Maurizio Bianchi, sometimes several albums and/or tapes per year, as well as numerous tracks to compilations. Bianchi became religious and withdrew himself from the music business. Much of his work is sought today by collectors, especially as they appeared in extremely small editions

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Maurizio Bianchi Oidiconeg KUBITSURI TAPES S;E;X59-036CD Electronic CD 18.00    
Maurizio Bianchi Armaghedon OFFICINA FONOGRAFICA ITALIANA OFI001 CD Electronic CD 14.00    
Maurizio Bianchi Pharmelodies SILENTES MINIMAL EDITIONS sme1254/cd Electronic CD 12.00    
Industrial Murder / Menstrual Bleeding Maurizio Bianchi Industrial Murder / Menstrual Bleeding R.O.N.F. RECORDS CDO-002 Noise CD 9.99    
Apokalypsis XXIII Maurizio Bianchi Apokalypsis XXIII NITKIE patch six Electronic CD 12.50    
Apokalypsis XXIII Maurizio Bianchi Symphony For A Genocide WEIRD FOREST RECORDS WEIRD 58 Noise Vinyl LP 15.99    
Mectpyo/Blut Maurizio Bianchi Mectpyo/Blut ALGA MARGHEN cat No. MART.006 Noise Vinyl LPx2 32    
Atholgog Maurizio Bianchi Atholgog STRIDULUM STR-012 Experimental CD minidisk 12.00    
Chaotische Fraktale + Letze Technologie Maurizio Bianchi Chaotische Fraktale + Letze Technologie SILENTES MINIMAL EDITIONS sme0612 Noise CDx2 15.99    
Neuro Habitat Maurizio Bianchi Neuro Habitat ABGURD AB-40 Noise CD 11.99    
Persecutionem Maurizio Bianchi Persecutionem ROTORELIEF Rotor 0013 Experimental Vinyl LP 19.99    
Inexistence Maurizio Bianchi Inexistence COLD CURRENT cccd09 Noise CD 11.99    
Technology 1 & 2 Maurizio Bianchi Technology 1 & 2 AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE atwar048 Noise CDx2 13.00    
Bactérie Maurizio Bianchi Bactérie TAÂLEM alm 34 Electronic mini-CDR 10.99    
Bactérie Maurizio Bianchi Spiritualis KUBITSURI TAPES S;E;X59-025CD Electronic CD 14.99