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Nicola Ratti bases his music upon the search for a personal language that is capable of joining together basic song structure, electro-acoustic experimentation, and the use of sounds extracted from the environment in which we live, with a sensibility that ranges from improvisation to the almost artisanal construction of sound. The use of voice and words compete to create a result full of nuance and discovery within compositions which remain open to both formal and emotional points of view.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
The Collection NICOLA RATTI The Collection ROOM 40 RM 489CD Electronic CD 12.50    
Sander BELLOWS Sander Latency LTNC012 Electronic 12'' 12    
Wounded Boys NICOLA RATTI Wounded Boys Where To Now? WTN36 Electronic TAPE 5,90    
Odd Doubt / Johnny Leech NICOLA RATTI - GIOVANNI LAMI Odd Doubt / Johnny Leech Granny records granny13 Electronic Vinyl 7 9.90    
Ossario Volume I and II (2p) NICOLA RATTI Ossario Volume I and II (2p) HOLIDAYS RECORDS HOL068 / HOL 069 Electronic 2x 12'' 19.90    
Ossario Volume I and II (2p) NICOLA RATTI Cathode Deafness MUSICA MODERNA MM004 Electronic TAPE 6.00    
220 Tones NICOLA RATTI 220 Tones DIE SCHACHTEL DSZ12 Electronic CD digipack deluxe 15    
Handcut BELLOWS Handcut PLANAM biplano Vinyl LP 17.90    
One Day With My Fishing Umbrella NICOLA RATTI One Day With My Fishing Umbrella PRIVATE nr1 Folk Vinyl 10 12.00    
Strand BELLOWS Strand Shelter Press SP080 Electronic LP 18.90  
Out of stock
Pressure Loss NICOLA RATTI Pressure Loss Where To Now? WTNLP04 Electronic LP 17.90  
Out of stock
Rustl BELLOWS Rustl BOOMKAT BKEDIT012 Experimental LP 18.50  
Out of stock
Resophonic NICOLA RATTI - Mark TEMPLETON Resophonic 13 issue #3 Electronic Vinyl LP 15,50  
Out of stock
Resophonic BELLOWS Reelin HOLIDAYS RECORDS HOL 056 Electronic Vinyl LP 14.90  
Out of stock
Resophonic NICOLA RATTI Streengs SENUFO SENUFO#33 Experimental CD 12.00  
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