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Nino Rota

Giovanni Rota Rinaldi. In all, Rota wrote scores to more than 150 films. Rota wrote several concerti and other orchestral works as well as piano, chamber and choral music. 

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Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) Nino Rota Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) Doxy Cinematic DOC 104LP Library/Soundtracks LP 16.90    
Toby Dammit (Original Film Soundtrack) Nino Rota Toby Dammit (Original Film Soundtrack) BELLA CASA casa 17 LP Library/Soundtracks LP 24.90    
La Dolce Vita O.S.T. Nino Rota La Dolce Vita O.S.T. DOXY DOC0000102 Library/Soundtracks LP 16.90    
8 1/2 O.S.T. Nino Rota 8 1/2 O.S.T. DOXY DOC0000103 Library/Soundtracks LP 16.90  
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