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Otomo Yoshihide (born August 1, 1959 in Yokohama, Japan) is a Japanese experimental musician, turntablist and guitarist. He played in rock bands while at college, but turned to improvisation after discovering free jazz and free improvisation musicians like the guitarist Derek Bailey, the saxophonist Kaoru Abe and guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi (from whom he had lessons). Otomo studied at Tokyo University from 1979 where he took a course on ethnomusicology in which he concentrated on Japanese pop music during World War II and the development of musical instruments during the Chinese Cultural Revolution (samples of instruments and music from this period are found in several of his records).

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Guitar solo 2015 RIGHT Otomo YOSHIHIDE Guitar solo 2015 RIGHT DOUBTMUSIC dmf-162 Jazz CD 15,90    
Guitar Solo 2015 Left Otomo YOSHIHIDE Guitar Solo 2015 Left DOUBTMUSIC dms155 Jazz CD 15.90    
Explosion Course Otomo YOSHIHIDE - Lasse MARHAUG - Paal Nilssen-Love Explosion Course PICA DISK PNL018 Experimental Vinyl LP 19,50    
Explosion Course Otomo YOSHIHIDE Re/cycling Rectangle RECOMMENDED Records Rec RRYO Sound Art Vinyl 7” 9.00    
Explosion Course Otomo YOSHIHIDE Music(S) LAHUIT LH 006 Jazz DVD 15.50    
Core Anode Otomo YOSHIHIDE Core Anode MEENNA meenna-332 Music from Japan CD 16.00    
Ensemble Cathode Otomo YOSHIHIDE Ensemble Cathode IMPROVISED MUSIC FROM JAPAN IMJ-502 Music from Japan CD 15.00    
Hu-du-men: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Otomo YOSHIHIDE Hu-du-men: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack SOUND FACTORY STK005 Experimental CD 18.00    
Guitar solo Otomo YOSHIHIDE Guitar solo DOUBTMUSIC dms-101 Experimental CD 16.50    
live at Hall Egg Farm Otomo YOSHIHIDE - Masahiko Satoh - Roger Turner live at Hall Egg Farm DOUBTMUSIC dmf-164 Jazz CD 15,90  
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Untitled Otomo YOSHIHIDE - Paal Nilssen-Love Untitled Jvtlandt JVT0011 Electronic LP 19.90  
Out of stock
See you in a dream Otomo YOSHIHIDE See you in a dream FMN FMC-038/039 Jazz CDx2 30.99  
Out of stock
Archives sauvées des eaux Otomo YOSHIHIDE - Luc Ferrari Archives sauvées des eaux DISC CALLITHUMP CPCD-001 Experimental CD 19.00  
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Modulation with 2 electric guitars and amplifiers Otomo YOSHIHIDE Modulation with 2 electric guitars and amplifiers DOUBTMUSIC dms 119 Jazz CD 16.00  
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Out to lunch Otomo YOSHIHIDE Out to lunch DOUBTMUSIC dms 108 Jazz CD 16.50  
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