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Paal Nilssen-Love

Drummer Paal Nilssen-Love stormed the Norwegian jazz scene in the early '90s and has been working relentlessly ever since in both traditional and avant-garde jazz. It wasn't long before he jumped on the metaphorical freight train Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustaffson had established between Scandinavia and Chicago; the drummer appeared on Ken Vandermark's School Days and has enjoyed growing exposure in the U.S. since 2000. His other engagements and collaborations include trios with Frode Gjerstad, Sten Sandell, and Raoul Björkenheim, plus the group Atomic. He released his first solo CD, Sticks & Stones, in 2001.

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Semikujira Akira SAKATA - Paal Nilssen-Love - Johan Berthling - Arashi Semikujira TROST TROST 146CD Jazz LP 19.90    
Bota Fogo Manuel ROCHA ITURBIDE - Paal Nilssen-Love - Zenicola - Lacerda Bota Fogo BOCIAN RECORDS bcBOT LP 16,50    
Extended Duos Ken VANDERMARK - Paal Nilssen-Love Extended Duos PNL RECORDS PNL/ARG-003 Jazz 6xCD 55    
Jacana Sten Sandell - Paal Nilssen-Love Jacana RUNE GRAMMOFON RLP 3159LP Jazz LP 19.90    
Spring Snow Paal Nilssen-Love - Masahiko Satoh Spring Snow PNL RECORDS PNL 023 Jazz CD 14,90    
Wood cuts Peter Br√∂tzmann - Paal Nilssen-Love Wood cuts SMALLTOWN SUPERJAZZZ STSJ170CD Jazz CD 15    
Sin Gas Mats GUSTAFSSON - Paal Nilssen-Love Sin Gas BOCIAN RECORDS BC-P333M666CD Jazz CD 11    
Explosion Course Otomo YOSHIHIDE - Lasse MARHAUG - Paal Nilssen-Love Explosion Course PICA DISK PNL018 Experimental Vinyl LP 19,50    
Gored Gored Paal Nilssen-Love Gored Gored TERP terpis025 Jazz CD 12    
Gored Gored Paal Nilssen-Love Chiapaneca BOCIAN RECORDS bcPNL Experimental Vinyl LP 14.90    
Souls Stream Lasse MARHAUG - Joe MCPHEE - Paal Nilssen-Love - Michiyo YAGI Souls Stream SMERALDINA-RIMA Smeraldina-Rima 25 Experimental LP 24.90  
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Schobberdebonk Paal Nilssen-Love - Terrie EX Schobberdebonk BOCIAN RECORDS BCPxTe Jazz LP 17.90  
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Semikujira Akira SAKATA - Paal Nilssen-Love - Johan Berthling - Arashi Semikujira TROST TROST 146CD Jazz CD 15.90  
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Angular mass Lasse MARHAUG - Paal Nilssen-Love - Michiyo YAGI Angular mass PNL RECORDS PNL 028 Jazz CD 15,90  
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News from the junk yard Paal Nilssen-Love News from the junk yard PNL RECORDS PNL 031 Jazz LP 21,90  
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