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Paul Rutherford

Jazz musician, member of the "free music" scene. Played trombone, euphonium and piano. He started on saxophone in the mid-'50s, then switched to trombone and played in Royal Air Force bands from 1958 to 1963. He formed the Spontaneous Music Ensemble in 1965 with John Stevens, then the Iskra 1903 trio in 1970. He went in many collectives experiences (London Jazz Composers Orchestra, Globe Unity Orchestra…) and did solo trombone records. He began developing an unusual trombone language in the mid-'70s, mixing electronics, vocal effects, traditional jazz devices, and intriguing sounds and voicings. Eugene Chadbourne wrote about him: "...he's the most significant non-American to appear in jazz since Django Reinhardt over four decades ago."

Member of ISKRA 1903, Paul Rutherford
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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
In Backward Times (1979-2007) Paul Rutherford In Backward Times (1979-2007) EMANEM Emanem 5045 Jazz CD 13.50    
The Conscience Paul Rutherford - Sabu Toyozumi The Conscience NOBUSINESS RECORDS NBLP 102 Jazz LP 18.90    
South on the Northern (2Cd) ISKRA 1903 South on the Northern (2Cd) EMANEM Emanem 5203 Jazz 2 x CD 18    
Chapter Two 1981-83 (3CD) ISKRA 1903 Chapter Two 1981-83 (3CD) EMANEM Emanem 4303 Jazz CDx3 18    
Frankfurt 1991 ISKRA 1903 Frankfurt 1991 EMANEM Emanem 4051 Jazz CD 16.00    
Chapter one: 1970 -72 ISKRA 1903 Chapter one: 1970 -72 EMANEM Emanem 5311 Jazz 3-CDs 26  
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One four and two twos Evan Parker - Paul Rutherford - Barry GUY - John STEVENS One four and two twos EMANEM Emanem 5027 Jazz CD 13.50  
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Goldsmiths ISKRA 1903 Goldsmiths EMANEM Emanem 5013 Jazz CD 12.50  
Out of stock
Tetralogy (1978-1982) Paul Rutherford Tetralogy (1978-1982) EMANEM Emanem 5202 Experimental CD 15.99  
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Solo in Berlin 1975 Paul Rutherford Solo in Berlin 1975 EMANEM 4144 Jazz CD 16.00  
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Neuph (1978-80) Paul Rutherford Neuph (1978-80) EMANEM Emanem 4118 Experimental CD 16.50  
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The gentle harm of the bourgeoisie Paul Rutherford The gentle harm of the bourgeoisie EMANEM Emanem 4019 Jazz CD 16.50  
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Buzz soundtrack ISKRA 1903 Buzz soundtrack EMANEM Emanem 4066 Jazz CD 16.00  
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