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Pauline Oliveros

American Composer, performer and author, born 1932. In the early '60s, Oliveros — with Morton Subotnick and Ramon Sender — formed the San Francisco Tape Music Center, and, there, she began her pioneering work with electronics and tape. In performances, Pauline Oliveros uses an accordion which has been re-tuned in two different systems of her just intonation in addition to electronics to alter the sound of the accordion. Throughout the years, she has developed the Extended Instrument System (EIS), a sophisticated setup of digital signal processors designed for use in live performances.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Postcard Theatre Book Pauline Oliveros Postcard Theatre Book Editions AcquAvivA Edizioni Acquaviva No.15 zine 15    
Live At The Stone Pauline Oliveros - Connie Crothers Live At The Stone IMPORTANT RECORDS Imprec 450 CD 14.90    
Molecular Affinity Nels CLINE - Pauline Oliveros - Thollem Molecular Affinity ROARATORIO roar42 LP Experimental LP 21.90    
Four Meditations / Sound Geometrics Pauline Oliveros Four Meditations / Sound Geometrics SUB ROSA SR422 LP Electronic LP 15.50    
Cicada Dream Pauline Oliveros - David Ross - Timothy Hill Cicada Dream GRUENREKORDER GR149 Electronic CD 14.50    
Solo - Duo - Poetry Cecil TAYLOR - Pauline Oliveros Solo - Duo - Poetry EMPAC EMPAC 001DVD Experimental DVD 14.00    
Solo - Duo - Poetry Pauline Oliveros The Dunrobin Session NUUN Records NUUN 8 Electronic CD 12.99    
To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of ... Pauline Oliveros To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of ... ROARATORIO roar 21 LP Electronic Vinyl LP 15.90    
& The University Of Michigan Digital Music Ensemble Pauline Oliveros & The University Of Michigan Digital Music Ensemble DEEP LISTENING DL 003DVD Electronic DVD 16.50    
Io and her and the trouble with him Pauline Oliveros - Ione Io and her and the trouble with him DEEP LISTENING DL 41-2009 Experimental DVD 15.99    
Accordion Koto Milo FINE - Vic CORRINGHAM - Pauline Oliveros Accordion Koto DEEP LISTENING DL 36 Electronic CD 13.50    
Lion's Eye / Lion's Tale Pauline Oliveros Lion's Eye / Lion's Tale DEEP LISTENING DL 28-2006 Electronic CD 13.50    
Primordial / Lift Pauline Oliveros Primordial / Lift DEEP LISTENING DL 33-2006 Electronic CD 15.00    
Tara's room Pauline Oliveros Tara's room DEEP LISTENING DL 22-2004 Electronic CD 15.00    
Roots Of The Moment Pauline Oliveros Roots Of The Moment HAT HUT RECORDS hatOLOGY 591 Experimental CD 12.00