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Pekka Airaksinen started making music in the late 1960's group The Sperm who combined performance art with experimental music of the day. On their records influences such as John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, free jazz and psychedelic pop were filtered into rough anti-music that resembled the early industrial music and noise that would emerge elsewhere in the world some ten years later.
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Buddhas Of Golden Light Pekka AIRAKSINEN Buddhas Of Golden Light ARC LIGHT EDITIONS ale004LP Electronic LP 24.90    
Works 1968-1976 (Friends Edition) Pekka AIRAKSINEN - SPERM Works 1968-1976 (Friends Edition) VINYL-ON-DEMAND vod137 Electronic LP clear x 6 Box 120    
Afrodipankara (1984) LP Pekka AIRAKSINEN Afrodipankara (1984) LP VINYL-ON-DEMAND vod137.6 Electronic LP 25    
Madam I'm Adam Pekka AIRAKSINEN Madam I'm Adam LOVE RECORDS LXCD 642 Experimental double CD 22.00    
Vitamins (2Lp) Pekka AIRAKSINEN Vitamins (2Lp) One Point Life OnePoint-lp05 Electronic LPx2 34  
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Vertical Pillars Pekka AIRAKSINEN Vertical Pillars One Point Life OnePoint-lp04 Electronic LP 24.90  
Out of stock
Mangala Pekka AIRAKSINEN Mangala One Point Life OnePoint-lp02 Electronic LP 25.90  
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Vitae Tennis Nest Pekka AIRAKSINEN Vitae Tennis Nest One Point Life OnePoint-lp03 Electronic LP 25.90  
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Love And Addiction Pekka AIRAKSINEN Love And Addiction One Point Life OnePoint-lp01 Electronic LP 25,90  
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Love And Addiction Pekka AIRAKSINEN Other Power HARMONIA HRMN-18 Electronic Vinyl LP 14.99  
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Love And Addiction Pekka AIRAKSINEN One Point Music O RECORDS 0035 LP Electronic Vinyl LP 16.99  
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