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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Léandre - Minton Phil MINTON - Joelle Leandre Léandre - Minton FOU RECORDS FRCD24 Jazz CD 15.50    
A Doughnut's End Phil MINTON A Doughnut's End FATAKA fataka 11 Experimental LP 21  
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A Duo(s) John Russell - Mats GUSTAFSSON - Phil MINTON A Duo(s) BOCIAN RECORDS BCLO Jazz LP 16.50  
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No Doughnuts in Hand Phil MINTON No Doughnuts in Hand EMANEM 4148 Experimental CD 15.00  
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A doughnut in both hands Phil MINTON A doughnut in both hands EMANEM Emanem 4025 Experimental CD 16.50  
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