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Riccardo Sinigaglia

Born in Arona in 1953, Riccardo Sinigaglia is an architect as well as musician. He teaches electronic music at Milan Conservatory where he studied during the Seventies with Angelo Paccagnini. He collaborates with the video center of the Faculty of Architecture, Milan University, where he lectures on the relationship between music and image. His musical production also include music for documentaries, ballets and theatre spectacles. His work is based on modes, mean tone, pitagorean scales and complex polyrhythmics: he is deeply involved in ethnomusicology, the elements of which are revisited and employed in his musical language.

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Riflessi (Lp Clear) Riccardo Sinigaglia Riflessi (Lp Clear) Soave Soave005 Electronic LP 29.90    
Dimensions Riccardo Sinigaglia Dimensions Alma De Nieto DNN 004 C Experimental CD 13    
Riflessi (Lp) Riccardo Sinigaglia Riflessi (Lp) Soave Soave005 Electronic LP 22.90  
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Watertube / Ringspiel Riccardo Sinigaglia Watertube / Ringspiel Alma De Nieto Electronic CDr 10  
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Works 1976-1981 : Scorrevole Riccardo Sinigaglia Works 1976-1981 : Scorrevole 17853 Records RFLP001 Electronic LP 25.90  
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