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Robert Ashley

Robert Ashley is a contemporary composer born March 28, 1930 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, best known for his operas and other theatrical works, often working within and across differing disciplines. His operas are far from traditional as they usually incorporate electronics and are often written and produced for television. He explains that English is a language where the consonants count, not the vowels, unlike many European languages, and so the text in operas written in English should be delivered much faster.


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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
The Wolfman Robert Ashley The Wolfman ALGA MARGHEN Sound Art CD 15.90    
Atalanta (Acts Of God) Volume II Robert Ashley Atalanta (Acts Of God) Volume II LOVELY LCD 3303 Experimental CD 22.00    
Now Eleanor's Idea Robert Ashley Now Eleanor's Idea LOVELY MUSIC LCD 1009 Electronic CDx2 23.00    
October 25th, 2001. Merkin Concert Hall, NYC Walter Marchetti - Robert Ashley October 25th, 2001. Merkin Concert Hall, NYC CHOOSE choose11 Sound Art Vinyl LPx2 34.00    
String quartet Robert Ashley String quartet ALGA MARGHEN plana-A 10NMN.030LP Vinyl LPx2 29.00    
String Quartet Robert Ashley String Quartet ALGA MARGHEN plana-A 10NMN.030 Compositional Form CD 10    
The wolfman Robert Ashley The wolfman ALGA MARGHEN plana A 20NMN.047 Sound Art Vinyl LP 38    
Foreign experiences Robert Ashley Foreign experiences LOVELY MUSIC LCD 1008 Compositional Form CD 19.50    
Celestial excursions Robert Ashley Celestial excursions LOVELY MUSIC LCD 1007 double CD 26.00    
Yellow man with heart with wings Robert Ashley Yellow man with heart with wings LOVELY MUSIC LCD 1003 CD 13.00    
perfect lives Robert Ashley perfect lives LOVELY MUSIC LCD 4917 Sound Art 2 x Dvd box 42.00    
Superior Seven / Tract Robert Ashley Superior Seven / Tract NEW WORLD RECORDS 80460-2 Experimental CD 12.50  
Out of stock
Crash Robert Ashley Crash LOVELY LCD 5001 2 x CD 27.90  
Out of stock
Private parts (the record) Robert Ashley Private parts (the record) LOVELY MUSIC LCD 1001 Experimental CD 13.50  
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In Sara, Mencken, Christ And Beethoven There Were Men And Women Robert Ashley In Sara, Mencken, Christ And Beethoven There Were Men And Women CRAMPS Records CRSCD 103 Electronic CD digipack 6  
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