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Rune Lindblad, who was an engineer and a painter, and also a single father with a son in the late 1950:s, started his sounding experiments as early as the first years of the 1950:s, without prior knowledge of similar experiments being conducted in France and Germany. He kept on composing against the wind all the years up to his premature death in 1991. He also served as a teacher of electronic composition, and some of the most renowned Swedish composers of electroacoustics have had him as their primary teacher and guru.

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Predestination Rune LINDBLAD Predestination CREEL PONE CP 212 CD Electronic CD 13.50    
Objekt 2 Rune LINDBLAD Objekt 2 POGUS PRODUCTIONS Pogus 21014 Electronic CD 13.50    
Death of the moon Rune LINDBLAD Death of the moon POGUS PRODUCTIONS Pogus 21011 Electronic CD 14.00  
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Die stille liebe Rune LINDBLAD Die stille liebe ELEKTRON EM 1006/7 Sound Art double CD digipack deluxe 25.00  
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