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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Winter Music (1957) John Cage Winter Music (1957) ANOTHER TIMBRE at118 Compositional CD 14.50    
13 & 27 INSUB META ORCHESTRA 13 & 27 ANOTHER TIMBRE at117 Experimental CD 14.50    
13 & 27 Olivia Block New work for piano and organ ANOTHER TIMBRE at116 Electronic CD 14.50    
Collection Gustave Roud (2Cd) Jurg Frey Collection Gustave Roud (2Cd) ANOTHER TIMBRE at115 Experimental CDx2 22    
Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello Morton FELDMAN Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello ANOTHER TIMBRE at113 Compositional CD 11    
Spinet and Violin Christoph Schiller - Morgan Evans-Weiler Spinet and Violin ANOTHER TIMBRE at112 Experimental CD 11    
The Spit Veleta Martin ARNOLD The Spit Veleta ANOTHER TIMBRE at106 Compositional CD 14    
Drifter Linda Catlin Smith Drifter ANOTHER TIMBRE at105x2 Compositional CD 17.90    
Bow Isaiah Ceccarelli Bow ANOTHER TIMBRE at107 Compositional CD 14    
Resonators Petr Vrba - George Cremaschi - Irene Kepl Resonators ANOTHER TIMBRE AT104 Experimental CD 14    
Seaside Christian Wolff - John TILBURY - John Lely - Dirar Kalash Seaside ANOTHER TIMBRE AT100 Experimental CD 14    
Volume Mike Majkowski - Johnny Chang Volume ANOTHER TIMBRE at98 Experimental CD 13.90    
Ffansïon | Fancies Tisha MUKARJI - Angharad Davies Ffansïon | Fancies ANOTHER TIMBRE at99 Experimental CD 13.90    
Tocando fondo Leonel Kaplan - Klaus Filip Tocando fondo ANOTHER TIMBRE at90 Experimental CD 15,50    
Assigned #15 James SAUNDERS - Apartment House Assigned #15 ANOTHER TIMBRE at88 Electronic CD 17.00    
Extinguishment Billy Gomberg - Fraufraulein - Anne Guthrie Extinguishment ANOTHER TIMBRE at83 Electronic CD 13.00    
Would Fall From The Sky, Would Wither And Die Skuggorna Och Ljuset - Magnus Granberg Would Fall From The Sky, Would Wither And Die ANOTHER TIMBRE at84 CD 13.00    
Whitewashed With Lines (Common Objects) Common Objects Whitewashed With Lines (Common Objects) ANOTHER TIMBRE at85x2 Experimental CDx2 17.90    
Sometimes we all disappear Jamie Drouin - Lance Austin Olsen Sometimes we all disappear ANOTHER TIMBRE at78 Experimental CD 13    
The Harmonics of Real Strings John Lely The Harmonics of Real Strings ANOTHER TIMBRE at80 Experimental CD 13    
Roananax 1999 / Obliq 2014 Roananax - OBLIQ Roananax 1999 / Obliq 2014 ANOTHER TIMBRE at75 Electronic CD 13    
Chamber Works 1992 - 2009 Laurence Crane - Apartment House Chamber Works 1992 - 2009 ANOTHER TIMBRE at74x2 Compositional Form CDx2 25    
F23M-12: Field With Figures No. 1 - 4 / Rush! Mark TRAYLE - Christian Kesten - Annette Krebs F23M-12: Field With Figures No. 1 - 4 / Rush! ANOTHER TIMBRE at73 Experimental CD 12.50    
Pneuma Martin Iddon Pneuma ANOTHER TIMBRE at72 Compositional Form CD 12.50    
Logical harmonies Richard Glover Logical harmonies ANOTHER TIMBRE at66 Compositional Form CD 12.90