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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
All Angels Mark Wastell - Nikos VELIOTIS All Angels CONFRONT ccs 76 Experimental CD 11    
Ima Patrick Shiroishi Ima CONFRONT ccs 71 Experimental CD 11    
asinglewordisnotenough Seth Parker Woods asinglewordisnotenough CONFRONT ccs 69 Experimental CD 11    
KIO GE Jeph Jerman - Giacomo Salis - Paolo Sanna KIO GE CONFRONT ccs 72 Experimental CD 11    
Le Bruit De La Musique Simon H. Fell Le Bruit De La Musique CONFRONT ccs 70 Experimental CD 11    
The Disruptive Forest Chris Cundy The Disruptive Forest CONFRONT ccs 77 Experimental CD 11    
Refraction Collision Duo Refraction CONFRONT ccs 75 Jazz CD 11    
Goethe Jeph Jerman - Tim BARNES Goethe CONFRONT ccs64 Electronic CD 11    
Trembling Shade The SEALED KNOT Trembling Shade CONFRONT ccs63 Experimental CD 11    
Vapour SCHALL UND RAUSCH Vapour CONFRONT ccs61 Experimental CD 10,50    
10tet 10tet 10tet CONFRONT ccs60 Experimental CD 10,50    
isotopic CREMASTER - Sophie AGNEL isotopic CONFRONT ccs 59 Experimental CD 10,50    
Social Insects II Hans KOCH - Gaudenz BADRUTT Social Insects II CONFRONT ccs 55 Experimental CD 10    
North and South AKODE North and South CONFRONT ccs 53 Jazz CD    
Prepresence Leif Elggren - Joachim Nordwall Prepresence CONFRONT ccs44 Electronic CD 12.00    
Archive : Volumes I-V : 2005 to 2009 (5Cd box) The Seen Archive : Volumes I-V : 2005 to 2009 (5Cd box) CONFRONT ccs 78 Experimental CDx5 49.90  
Out of stock
There is no Love Mark Wastell - Rhodri DAVIES - David SYLVIAN There is no Love CONFRONT core 01 Experimental CD 12  
Out of stock
Le Ring Axel DORNER - Bertrand DENZLER - Antonin Gerbal Le Ring CONFRONT ccs65 Experimental CD 11  
Out of stock
Now and Then Ian Brighton Now and Then CONFRONT ccs62 Experimental CD 10,50  
Out of stock
Fjordgata John Butcher - Michael Duch Fjordgata CONFRONT ccs 56 Jazz CD 10,50  
Out of stock
Bagpipes and blackberries Adam BOHMAN - Jean-Michel Van SCHOUWBURG Bagpipes and blackberries CONFRONT ccs 57 Experimental CD 10,50  
Out of stock
F.E.R. (For Eliane Radigue) Herve BOGHOSSIAN F.E.R. (For Eliane Radigue) CONFRONT ccs 58 Experimental CD 10,50  
Out of stock
Tides Neil Welch - Rutger Zuydervelt Tides CONFRONT ccs 54 Experimental CD 9,90  
Out of stock
Quartet Mark Wastell Quartet CONFRONT ccs 50 Jazz CD 9,90  
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Playing The Schoolhouse David SYLVIAN Playing The Schoolhouse CONFRONT CCS51.2 Experimental CD 23,90  
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