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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Innersurface DEISON - Mingle Innersurface SILENTES st.an.da 1701 Experimental CD 13.90    
Vetropaco Vetropaco Vetropaco SILENTES 201633/cd Electronic CD 12    
Zolfo Gianluca Favaron - Anacleto Vitolo Zolfo SILENTES sps1616 Electronic CD 12    
Plays Hazkarà Gigi Masin - Mirco Salvadori Plays Hazkarà SILENTES sps1614 Electronic CD 17    
Absurdum Maurizio Bianchi Absurdum SILENTES sps1612 Noise 3 x LP + Cdr box 290    
Solèra Enrico CONIGLIO Solèra SILENTES sps1617 Electronic 10'' + prints 34,90    
Astrùra Enrico CONIGLIO Astrùra SILENTES sps1613 Electronic 10'' + prints 34,90    
Chuchoter Pas De Mots Tomas PHILLIPS Chuchoter Pas De Mots SILENTES sps1611 Experimental CD 12    
Transients Red Sector A Transients SILENTES 201432/cd Electronic CD 10    
The system of objects Gianluca Favaron - Corrado Altieri The system of objects SILENTES sme1361 Electronic CD 9,90    
The background noise UNDER THE SNOW The background noise SILENTES sps1301 Electronic LP one side 15,50    
The background noise ENDLESS NOSTALGIA Homemade Gloomy Pop SILENTES 201211/2cd Electronic CD 12.00    
The background noise BI NOSTALGIA Clear and Not Clear SILENTES 201212/2cd Electronic CD 12.00    
The background noise ENGEL DER VERNICHTUNG Engel Der Vernichtung SILENTES 201209/2cd Electronic CD 12.00    
Transparent Winter PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST Transparent Winter SILENTES season two/cd Experimental CD 10.00    
The Dream of Earth SARANG The Dream of Earth SILENTES sme1258/cd Electronic CD 10.00    
In Winter GIANLUCA BECUZZI - LUIGI TURRA In Winter SILENTES sme1257/cd Electronic CD 10.00    
Trax to Trax Gianluca BECUZZI Trax to Trax SILENTES sme1256/2cd Electronic CD 10.00    
Il silenzio dei tuoi passi Gigi Masin - Stefano Gentile Il silenzio dei tuoi passi SILENTES sps1618 Electronic CD + Book 38  
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(B)Haunted Gianluca BECUZZI (B)Haunted SILENTES sme1362/cd Electronic CD 12  
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Memory of a safe place Fabio ORSI Memory of a safe place SILENTES sme1301lp Electronic Vinyl LP 38  
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Dust Tears And Clouds Fabio ORSI - Gianluca BECUZZI Dust Tears And Clouds SILENTES sme1359/2cd Electronic CDx2 12  
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Dust Tears And Clouds MILITIA Folk XII SILENTES 201210/cd Electronic CD 10.00  
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Dust Tears And Clouds VIRIDANSE Gallipoli 1915 e le altre storie SILENTES 201208/2cd Electronic CD 12.00  
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