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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
A Monastic Trio (Lp) Alice COLTRANE A Monastic Trio (Lp) SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV020 Jazz LP 21.90    
Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt (2Lp) John Frusciante Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt (2Lp) SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV076 Experimental LPx2 32    
You Are My Everlovin' (Cd) Henry FLYNT You Are My Everlovin' (Cd) SUPERIOR VIADUCT sv144 Electronic CD 14.50    
Sun Ra And His Arkestra - Featuring Pharoah Sanders And Bla (Lp) SUN RA Sun Ra And His Arkestra - Featuring Pharoah Sanders And Bla (Lp) SUPERIOR VIADUCT sv143 Jazz LP 21.90    
Perverted By Language THE FALL Perverted By Language SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV127 Experimental LP 22.90    
Sulle corde di Aries (Lp) Franco Battiato Sulle corde di Aries (Lp) SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV 133 Electronic LP 23.90    
Pollution (Lp) Franco Battiato Pollution (Lp) SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV 132 LP 23.90    
Fetus (Lp) Franco Battiato Fetus (Lp) SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV131 Psych LP 23.90    
A Minute To Pray A Second To Die The Flesh Eaters A Minute To Pray A Second To Die SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV 051LP CD 16.90    
Outside The Dream Syndicate Tony Conrad - FAUST Outside The Dream Syndicate SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV048 Experimental LP 23.90    
Cosmic Music (LP) Alice COLTRANE - John Coltrane Cosmic Music (LP) SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV120 Electronic LP 23.90    
Go to Town The Pin Group Go to Town SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV140 Psych Vinyl 12'' 16.90    
Rosemary Lane Bert Jansch Rosemary Lane SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV0125LP Folk LP 22.90    
Birthday Blues Bert Jansch Birthday Blues SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV0124LP Folk LP 22.90    
Coat The Pin Group Coat SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV139 Experimental 7" 11    
Ambivalence 7 The Pin Group Ambivalence 7 SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV138 Experimental 7" 11    
Propellers In Love LP Arnold DREYBLATT - Orchestra Of Excited Strings Propellers In Love LP SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV117 Electronic LP 19.90    
Two Solo Pieces Jon GIBSON Two Solo Pieces SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV069 Electronic LP 19.90    
Jack Orion Bert Jansch Jack Orion SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV0123LP Folk LP 22.90    
Un Uomo Da Rispettare Ennio Morricone Un Uomo Da Rispettare SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV047LP Library/Soundtracks LP 22.90    
Plaster Falling John Bender Plaster Falling SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV0102 Electronic LP 22.90    
Room To Live THE FALL Room To Live SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV 116 Experimental LP 22.90    
Hex Enduction Hour THE FALL Hex Enduction Hour SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV115 Experimental LP 22.90    
A Taste Of DNA DNA A Taste Of DNA SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV099 Experimental 12'' 16.90    
Forever Came Today The Flesh Eaters Forever Came Today SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV052CD Experimental LP 19.90