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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
086–087 Area Nyantora - duenn 086–087 Area ENTR'ACTE E222 Electronic CD 12    
Cave Bacchus : Destroyer of Naivetés Rhys CHATHAM - Black Sifichi - Joseph Nechvatal Cave Bacchus : Destroyer of Naivetés ENTR'ACTE E207 Electronic CD 12    
Die paste, die wrong (Lp) Gerard Herman Die paste, die wrong (Lp) ENTR'ACTE E208 Electronic LP 16.50    
The Horde (12 Transistor The Horde (12") ENTR'ACTE E212 Electronic 12'' 12.90    
Plays and Sings for Money (Lp) KALLABRIS Plays and Sings for Money (Lp) ENTR'ACTE E221 Electronic LP 16.50    
Swimming in Light Mike Majkowski Swimming in Light ENTR'ACTE E209 Electronic LP 16.50    
The Sin King Andrew Leslie Hooker The Sin King ENTR'ACTE E203 Experimental CD 14.90    
RX22: Two RX11 Drum Machines, Nine Suspended Speakers, A Microph Lucio CAPECE RX22: Two RX11 Drum Machines, Nine Suspended Speakers, A Microph ENTR'ACTE E199 Experimental CD 12.50    
Medication Human Inferno Medication ENTR'ACTE E185 Electronic LP 16,50    
Ulex DALE CORNISH Ulex ENTR'ACTE E190 Electronic LP 16.50    
Technological Music Vol. 2 Kyle BRUCKMANN Technological Music Vol. 2 ENTR'ACTE E192 Electronic CD 11    
Technological Music Vol. 2 Tim Wright Algorithms for Electronics, Fake Woodwind and Strings ENTR'ACTE E176 Experimental USB Flash Drive 14.90    
Pods Of Punishment Strategy Pods Of Punishment ENTR'ACTE E183 Experimental LP 16.90    
Work 2006 - 2011 John WALL - Alex RODGERS Work 2006 - 2011 ENTR'ACTE E 114 Electronic CD 12.50    
Work 2011 - 2014 John WALL - Alex RODGERS Work 2011 - 2014 ENTR'ACTE E 178 Electronic CD 12.50    
Oxide Ben Gwilliam Oxide ENTR'ACTE E165 Electronic DVD 13    
Ghost Selector Owen McLean Ghost Selector ENTR'ACTE E1810 Electronic TAPE 9    
There Pouya Ehsaei There ENTR'ACTE E172 Electronic LP 15,90    
Insula Alfredo COSTA MONTEIRO Insula ENTR'ACTE E174 Electronic CD 12    
Travaux ILIOS - Francisco Meirino Travaux ENTR'ACTE E181 Electronic CD 12    
Crritic! Keith Moline Crritic! ENTR'ACTE E162 Electronic CD 15    
The Patient Joseph Clayton Mills The Patient ENTR'ACTE E167 Electronic CD 16    
Xeric DALE CORNISH Xeric ENTR'ACTE E171 Electronic CD 11    
Crossarc chute Mark Schreiber Crossarc chute ENTR'ACTE E148 Electronic CD 11    
Technological music Kyle BRUCKMANN Technological music ENTR'ACTE E152 Electronic CD 11