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Rhapsody in Stockholm (Cd) CM von HAUSSWOLFF - Dror FEILER - Lars AKERLUND - Leif Elggren - Tetsuo Furudate Rhapsody in Stockholm (Cd) Menstrualrecordings LH96 Electronic CD 12.90    
World as Will (Cd) Zbigniew KARKOWSKI - Tetsuo Furudate World as Will (Cd) Menstrualrecordings LH94 Noise CD 12.90    
Mauthausen Orchestra 1982 (Cd) Mauthausen Orchestra Mauthausen Orchestra 1982 (Cd) Menstrualrecordings LH94 Noise CD 12.90    
Lyoto Music Lyoto Music Lyoto Music Menstrualrecordings LH93 Noise CD 12.90    
Untitled (Lp) N.P.I. Untitled (Lp) Menstrualrecordings LH91 Noise LP 17.90    
Untitled (Lp) Merzbow Musick From Simulation World Menstrualrecordings LH89 Noise CD 12.90    
Le Cuisinier Merzbow Le Cuisinier Menstrualrecordings LH88 Noise CD 12.90    
Muu/Nh 31.4.1982 / Menses 30.2.1982 Maurizio Bianchi Muu/Nh 31.4.1982 / Menses 30.2.1982 Menstrualrecordings LH85 Noise CDx2 17.90    
Breathers Penis Age THE NEW SADISM Breathers Penis Age Menstrualrecordings LH73 Noise 2 x LP 21    
Fetish Tape Maurizio Bianchi Fetish Tape Menstrualrecordings LH72 Noise CD 13.50    
The Sound Placing Land Bridge Giancarlo TONIUTTI - Tiziano Dominighini The Sound Placing Land Bridge Menstrualrecordings LH74 Experimental CD 13,50    
Seinsart : Live at Morden Tower The New Blockaders Seinsart : Live at Morden Tower Menstrualrecordings LH68 Noise LP 18.90    
Split Lp (1983) Observation Clinique - THE NEW SADISM Split Lp (1983) Menstrualrecordings LH63 Noise LP 17.90    
Mutation For A Continuity SACHER-PELZ Mutation For A Continuity Menstrualrecordings LH58 Noise 5xCD BOX 30.90    
Telmegiddo Maurizio Bianchi Telmegiddo Menstrualrecordings LH56 Noise LP 17,90    
Merzbow meets M.B. Maurizio Bianchi - Merzbow Merzbow meets M.B. Menstrualrecordings LH48 Noise LP + 7'' EP 25.90    
Giudizio Final  (Compilation And Unreleased Tracks) Maurizio Bianchi Giudizio Final (Compilation And Unreleased Tracks) Menstrualrecordings LH43 Noise CD 12.50    
Telmegiddo (The Last Tape Decomposition - February 1982) Maurizio Bianchi Telmegiddo (The Last Tape Decomposition - February 1982) Menstrualrecordings LH44 Noise CDx2 14.90    
Psalmodiam Maurizio BIANCHI - MUSEO DELLA TORTURA Psalmodiam Menstrualrecordings LH03 Experimental CD homemade pack 12.99    
Makrokosmikro Maurizio BIANCHI - Siegmar FRICKE Makrokosmikro Menstrualrecordings LH09 Experimental CD digipack 16.99    
Makrokosmikro Maurizio Bianchi The Valley Of Deep Shadow Menstrualrecordings LH08 Electronic CD 14.99    
Makrokosmikro Maurizio Bianchi Men's True Hated Menstrualrecordings LH01 Electronic CD 16.50    
1983 (4Cd box) Swastika Kommando 1983 (4Cd box) Menstrualrecordings LH90 Noise 4cd box 39.90  
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Pornoise (6Cd) Merzbow Pornoise (6Cd) Menstrualrecordings LH92 Noise 6CD 36  
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1980 - 2016 Maurizio Bianchi - Dedali 1980 - 2016 Menstrualrecordings LH86 Noise LP 17.90  
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