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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
The Power Of Negative Thinking The INTERNATIONAL NOTHING The Power Of Negative Thinking MONOTYPE RECORDS monoLP009 Jazz LP 17.90    
Seven Miniatures on El Hadji Sy Christine Schorkhuber - Zorka Wollny Seven Miniatures on El Hadji Sy MONOTYPE RECORDS Hadji Experimental LP 18.90    
Random Soundtrack MIRT Random Soundtrack MONOTYPE RECORDS DRONE1601LP Experimental LP 17.90    
Hand That Heals / Hand That Bites We Will Fail Hand That Heals / Hand That Bites MONOTYPE RECORDS mono104 Electronic CDx2 16,90    
The case against Howard STELZER The case against MONOTYPE RECORDS mono073 Experimental CD 11,90    
Sang Z'EV - Marc HURTADO Sang MONOTYPE RECORDS mono101 Experimental CD 11,90    
Pan on fire Toshimaru NAKAMURA - Martin Taxt Pan on fire MONOTYPE RECORDS mono098 Experimental CD 11,90    
Droga ASPEC(T) - ZALASKI Droga MONOTYPE RECORDS mono097 Experimental CD 11,90    
John, Betty and Stella FISCHERLE - Krojc John, Betty and Stella MONOTYPE RECORDS MONO 017LP Electronic LP 17,90    
s/t Enough!!! s/t MONOTYPE RECORDS mono069 Noise CD 12    
You wait to publish TROPHIES You wait to publish MONOTYPE RECORDS mono068 Experimental CD 13    
Just like a flower when winter begins RLW - Srmeixner Just like a flower when winter begins MONOTYPE RECORDS mono060 Electronic CD 13    
KK Null + The Noiser KK.NULL - The Noiser KK Null + The Noiser MONOTYPE RECORDS mono054 Experimental CD 12    
C6 GIG Charles-Eric Charrier C6 GIG MONOTYPE RECORDS mono059 Experimental CD 12    
De proche en proche Eric CORDIER - Jean Luc GUIONNET De proche en proche MONOTYPE RECORDS mono061 Jazz CD 12    
GAU CMKK GAU MONOTYPE RECORDS mono065 Electronic CD 12    
The darkened mirror Tetuzi AKIYAMA - Tom CARTER - Christian Kiefer The darkened mirror MONOTYPE RECORDS monolp012 Electronic Vinyl LP 15,90    
Wood, wire & sparks Strike Wood, wire & sparks MONOTYPE RECORDS monoLP014 Jazz Vinyl LP 15,90    
Ncat Nate WOOLEY - Tom CARTER - C. Spencer Yeh - Audrey Chen Ncat MONOTYPE RECORDS monoLP016 Electronic one side LP 15,90    
70 Years of Sunshine VARIOUS 70 Years of Sunshine MONOTYPE RECORDS mono070 Experimental CDx2 17.00    
70 Years of Sunshine AKERLUND / HUHTA / KARKOWSKI Horology MONOTYPE RECORDS mono057 Electronic CD 11.00    
70 Years of Sunshine TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN L.A The grief that shrieked to multiply MONOTYPE RECORDS mono056 Electronic CDx3 23.50    
70 Years of Sunshine CREMASTER Cremaster/Komora A MONOTYPE RECORDS monosp001 Jazz 7" 8.00    
70 Years of Sunshine Jaap BLONK Keynote dialogues MONOTYPE RECORDS mono053 Electronic CD 10.00    
70 Years of Sunshine LHZ+H Scope MONOTYPE RECORDS mono044 Jazz CD 12.50