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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
71 Minutes (2Lp) FAUST 71 Minutes (2Lp) ReR MEGACORP ReR VF1 Experimental LPx2 22.90    
Unrest (Lp) Henry Cow Unrest (Lp) ReR MEGACORP RER VHC2 Psych LP 18.90    
Leg End (Lp) Henry Cow Leg End (Lp) ReR MEGACORP RER VHC1 Experimental LP 18.90    
Desperate Straights (Lp) Slapp Happy - Henry Cow Desperate Straights (Lp) ReR MEGACORP RERVHCSH1 Experimental LP 18.90    
Nuages de Magellan Tristan Murail Nuages de Magellan ReR MEGACORP ReRV1 CD 14.90    
The Harp and the Donkey NORMA with Chris Cutler The Harp and the Donkey ReR MEGACORP ReRNORMA1 CD 14.90    
Phonography R. Stevie Moore Phonography ReR MEGACORP RER RSM1 Experimental CD 14.90    
Messiaen et autour de Messiaen for ondes Martenot and Piano Nadia Ratsimandresy & Matteo Ramon Arevalos Messiaen et autour de Messiaen for ondes Martenot and Piano ReR MEGACORP ReROM1 CD 14.90    
MeRCy: Future(s) Steve MACLEAN MeRCy: Future(s) ReR MEGACORP ReRSM6 CD 14.90    
Arcane Device - Engine of Myth David Lee MYERS Arcane Device - Engine of Myth ReR MEGACORP ReRDLM1 CD 14.90    
Killing Time Massacre Killing Time ReR MEGACORP ReR/FR010 CD 14.90    
Expressions on Piano Steve MACLEAN Expressions on Piano ReR MEGACORP ReRSM4 CD 14.90    
Bridges Steve MACLEAN Bridges ReR MEGACORP ReRSM2/3 CD 14.90    
Frog Bug Guitar Computer Steve MACLEAN Frog Bug Guitar Computer ReR MEGACORP ReRSM3 CD 14.90    
Year of The Dragon Chris CUTLER - Steve MACLEAN Year of The Dragon ReR MEGACORP ReRCCSM1 CD 14.90    
Metamorphoses (Electronic Adventures in Flamenco) LAGOS - VENOSTA - MARIANI Metamorphoses (Electronic Adventures in Flamenco) ReR MEGACORP ReRLVM1 CD 14.90    
The Most of Now Nikola Kodjabashia The Most of Now ReR MEGACORP ReRNK2 CD 14.90    
Explosion of a Memory Nikola Kodjabashia Explosion of a Memory ReR MEGACORP ReRNK3 CD 14.90    
 Solitary Walker Nikola Kodjabashia Solitary Walker ReR MEGACORP ReRNK1 CD 14.90    
Gaps, Absences Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer Gaps, Absences ReR MEGACORP ReRST4 CD 14.90    
Cold Peace Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer Cold Peace ReR MEGACORP ReRST3 CD 14.90    
Coal Tattoo The Kidney Brothers Coal Tattoo ReR MEGACORP ReRKB1 CD 14.90    
Sitting On The Buffalo Kampec Dolores Sitting On The Buffalo ReR MEGACORP ReRKD2 CD 14.90    
From Ritual Nova I & II Boris Kovac From Ritual Nova I & II ReR MEGACORP ReRBKCD1 CD 14.90