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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Elapsed Time Kevin DRUMM Elapsed Time SONORIS sns 13 Electronic 6CD box 39.90    
Every color moving (1988 - 2003) Steve RODEN Every color moving (1988 - 2003) SONORIS sns 12 Experimental cd x 6 40    
Every color moving (1988 - 2003) David Maranha - Zev Obsidiana SONORIS sns-11 Electronic CD 9.00    
Church organ works OSSO EXOTICO Church organ works SONORIS son 03 cd Electronic CD 12.00    
A fleur de quai Jean-Michel RIVET A fleur de quai SONORIS sns 07 Experimental CD 10.99    
A fleur de quai POIRE_Z Presque_chic SONORIS son 42 CD 9.50    
L-fields Michael PRIME L-fields SONORIS son 08 Electronic CD 12.00    
Piano suspenso David MARANHA Piano suspenso SONORIS son 21 Experimental CD 11.00    
A Thousand Breathing Forms (7Cd Box) Steve RODEN A Thousand Breathing Forms (7Cd Box) SONORIS sns 14 Sound Art 7 CD Box 40  
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Rabid WOLF EYES - PBK Rabid SONORIS Sonoris LP02 Experimental LP 15,90  
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L'Art De La Fuite eRikm L'Art De La Fuite SONORIS LP01 Electronic LP 15.90  
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s/t BOWLINE s/t SONORIS sns 04 Experimental CD 11.00  
Out of stock
belle confusion 969 Francisco Lopez belle confusion 969 SONORIS SON 05 Sound Art CD 16.00  
Out of stock
Tionchor P16. D4 Tionchor SONORIS son 02 Noise CD 12.00  
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