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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Somi Taylor Deupree Somi 12K 12k1087 Electronic Book & CD 29.90    
Triggered Sound VARIOUS Triggered Sound 12K 9780988549104 BOOK 22.00    
In a place of graceful shapes Taylor Deupree - Marcus Fischer In a place of graceful shapes 12K 12k2023 Electronic Vinyl 7 16.90    
Collected Recordings Gareth Dickson Collected Recordings 12K 12k2029 Rock CD 14.90    
Between You And The Shapes You Takes Stephen Vitiello - Molly Berg Between You And The Shapes You Takes 12K 12k1078 Experimental CD 14.90    
Lost & Compiled Taylor Deupree Lost & Compiled 12K 12k2030 Electronic CD 14.90    
Disappearance Taylor Deupree - Ryuichi Sakamoto Disappearance 12K 12k1076 Electronic CD 13,50    
Origin SAVVAS YSATIS - TAYLOR DEUPREE Origin 12K 12K 2027LP Electronic Vinyl LP 10    
Origin Kane Ikin Sublunar 12K 12k1072 Electronic CD 11.50    
Origin Steve Peters + Steve Roden Not a leaf remains as it was 12K 12k1069 Electronic CD 12.00    
Origin Kenneth KIRSCHNER Twenty Ten 12K 12k1066 Electronic CDx3 19.99    
Two lakes SEAWORTHY - Matt ROSNER Two lakes 12K 12k1062 Electronic CD 12.50    
Our house is on the wall MURRALIN LANE Our house is on the wall 12K 12k1061 Electronic CD 12.50    
In light SMALL COLOR In light 12K 12k1057 Electronic CD 12.50    
Box music MACHINEFABRIEK - Stephen VITIELLO Box music 12K 12k1048 Electronic CD 12.50    
For Myria Jodi CAVE For Myria 12K 12k1043 Electronic CD 12.50    
Drape MOSKITOO Drape 12K 12k1041 Electronic CD 12.50    
Map in hand SEAWORTHY Map in hand 12K 12k1040 Electronic CD 12.50    
Blueprints VARIOUS Blueprints 12K 12k1039 Electronic CD 10    
Songs Sebastien ROUX Songs 12K 12k1036 Electronic 12.50    
Post_Piano 2 Taylor DEUPREE - Kenneth KIRSCHNER Post_Piano 2 12K 12k1032 Electronic CD 12.50    
Every action MOTION Every action 12K 12k1027 Electronic CD 12.50    
Shoals (Edition) Taylor Deupree Shoals (Edition) 12K 12k2017 Electronic Vinyl 7� 9.99    
Solo Andata SOLO ANDATA Solo Andata 12K 12K1056 Electronic CD 12.50    
La Niña Junco Federico Durand La Niña Junco 12K 12k2036 Electronic LP 19.90  
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