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Chas Smith was an author, musician, radio personality, and a Cleveland State University music professor. Smith taught and explored the cultural aspects of American Roots music for over twenty years. He held a Masters degree in music from Cleveland State University, where he offered a class on American rock music and its roots, and he taught basic music composition to little kids through a program with the Cleveland Opera as a music mentor in grade schools. Smith sang and played keyboards, bass guitar, and theremin for over 30 years in many different genres. He was in The Clocks, a popular Cleveland punk band in the late '70s and early '80s, then he was keyboardist for the latter-day version of The Pagans. In 1993 he formed the band Einstein's Secret Orchestra, voted Best Electronic/Instrumental Band at the Cleveland Free Times Music Awards in 2001, and produced two CDs of ESO's music.
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