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New Arrivals

Free Form & Abstract, Revisited (2CD)
Unheard music from this key reedman on the British avant scene in the 60s – This double album features Joe Harriott working with a quintet that includes Shake Keane on trumpet, Pat Smythe on piano, Phil Seaman on drums, and Coleridge Goode on bass – playing in territory that's somewhat in the neighborhood of his Abstract and Free Form albums. 'Abstract is split over two dates some months apart, with some change of focus over the set. Free Form has more of the drama of a single creative moment. B…
2CD | €16.00
Chapter Two: Nia (LP)
2021 repress. "Essential spiritual jazz originally issued on the lauded Strata-East label. Magical, mystical, Afrocentric, progressive -- words that could be used to describe any number of musical compositions by Sun Ra or his cosmic brothers and sisters, from John to Alice Coltrane, early '70s projects on record labels like Detroit's Tribe or Houston's Lightin' or the interests of one Washington, DC native named Jimmy Gray that centered under one, perfect moniker: Black Fire. Gray spent nearly …
LP | €28.90
Cold Nose (LP color)
* Limted white vinyl edition * Originally released in 1975 as a soundtrack to a little-known film, his debut solo release experimented with complex brain studies borrowed from the Bio-Electronic Meditation Society. The result is a kaleidoscopic album with touches of ambience floating in amongst organic guitar leads and rushing synthesizers. Franco Falsini is an Italian musician and producer perhaps best known for his work with his space/prog-rock group Sensations' Fix, who released seminal album…
LP | €23.90
Live At The East (LP)
* Gatefold sleeve. In process of stocking * By 1971 Pharoah Sanders' playing essentially alternated between two moods: ferocious and peaceful. This live record gives one a good example of how the passionate tenor sounded in clubs during the early '70s. Sanders is joined by an impressive group of players: trumpeter Marvin "Hannibal" Peterson, flutist Carlos Garnett, Harold Vick on tenor, pianist Joe Bonner, the basses of Stanley Clarke and Cecil McBee, drummers Norman Connors and Billy Hart, and …
LP | €19.90
Trickster Blade (Tape)
Super limited tape. A narrative-musical work, a Babylonian library in which sound and word give shape to an evanescent sonic space with infinite historical, archaeological, science fiction and future references. Etrusca 3D is a new band that merges two current Audio and visual artists from the 21st Century, Francesco Cavaliere and Spencer Clark. The album is the first to be released by Spencer Clark's label Pacific City Discs, as a subsidiary and in collaboration with Discrepant. Etrusca 3D is t…
LP | €11.00
Cancer in the Soft Breeze (LP)
Contemporary and historical Porest recordings channelled from behind the somnambulistic event horizon. The now sound... The bleak oblique. The minimal and the maximal. Filmic chamber drones, meditative radio massage and forged spiritual violence bury pop ephemera into the swirling murk of de facto instrumental nihilism and orchestral context-free drama. Layered field and radio recordings back electro-acoustic experiments via electric saz, strings, balypso, reeds & synths. Big drones, small ensem…
LP | €19.90
Chìsake (LP)
Renowned Native American flutist Timothy Archambault adapts Anishinaabeg shaking tent chants on these stark, unaccompanied flute solos. 'Chìsake' is rare, deeply affecting music that arrives steeped in historical and cultural significance, singing of an age of North American art that's been sidelined for far too long. Transportive sounds for anyone who enjoyed Fis's collaborations with Rob Thorne or even Mary Jane Leach's "(F)lute Songs".   Chìsake [Algonquin]: to chant; to conjure; to cast a sp…
LP | €19.90
The Raw and the Cooked (LP)
Faitiche releases an album version of the radio piece Vom Rohen und Gekochten (The Raw and The Cooked) originally composed and produced by Jan Jelinek for the state broadcaster SWR2. The album The Raw and The Cooked brings together five sound collages that deal with the consistency of material and its mutability.  Solid, raw, boiling, powdery, liquid, broken and folded - categories which describe the nature of material. They can also be read in a chronological sequence: solid becomes broken beco…
LP | €18.90
Personal Problems OST (LP)
**250 copies** Reading Group is proud to present the first-ever issue of Carman Moore’s beautiful soundtrack to the “meta-soap opera” Personal Problems (1980). Starring Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor (writer, culinary anthropologist, and one-time member of Sun Ra’s Arkestra), Personal Problems was the result of a collaboration between Ishmael Reed, Bill Gunn, and Steve Cannon. Side A of this LP presents Moore’s original score as it was recorded in New York City in 1980. Side B contains improvisations …
LP | €19.90
Klopfzeichen, Zwei-Osterei Schwann, Eruption (3LP Bundle)
* All the three groundbreaking LP in bundle at special price, 180 gram vinyl version, 2021 repress *  "Kluster was found by Conrad Schnitzler in 1969. It can be considered as one of the most radical and influencial german progressive, avantgarde bands. Its music-approach and playing-techniques are related to Stockhausen and the group "Nuova Consonanza" & its influences and protagonistic characteristics in music can still be found in works of many avantgarde & Industrial-bands of today. Kluster p…
3LP Bundle | €55.00
Sowiesoso (LP)
2021 repress; LP version. The fourth full-length album by legendary German electronic music duo Cluster, originally released on Sky Records in 1976. Sowiesoso follows on from their most highly-acclaimed album, Zuckerzeit (1974). Michael Rother's influence was clearly audible on the latter, Cluster already having recorded two albums with him under the name of Harmonia. 1976 saw the duo looking for new musical forms. More than any other Cluster album, Sowiesoso represents the utopian vision of Han…
LP | €19.90
Only The Dancers (LP)
* Red 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 500 * This is the first officially reissue of the 3rd album of legendary German Krautrockband Nine Days Wonder. Originally released in 1974 Nine Days Wonder with their 3rd album took the opportunity to do a recording session at Londons Chipping Norton Studios in September 1974. With guest musicians Dave Jackson on flute and saxes (of Van der Graaf Generator-fame) and keyboarder Steve Robinson (2066 and Then and early-AERA) the album show the band on its musical p…
LP | €23.90
Nine Days' Wonder (LP)
* Green 180 gram vinyl * Originally released in 1971 the first and self-titled album by Nine Days Wonder was one of the very first recordings for the newly found label Bacillus of producer Peter Hauke. Nine Days Wonder with their international line-up consisting of bandfounder and singer Walter Seyffer, Rolf Henning (guitar, piano), Karl Mutschlechner (bass) from Austria, John Earle (vocals saxophone, flute, guitar) from Ireland and drummer Martin Roscoe from England, taking inspiration from Fra…
LP | €23.90
On Time Out of Time (LP)
** 2021 Stock ** On Time Out of Time is a suite of works originally commissioned for the 2017 installations ‘ER=EPR’ and 'Orbihedron' by artists Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand (in collaboration with Jean-Marc Chomaz and LIGO) for the exhibition, ‘Limits of Knowing’ at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin by curator, Isabel de Sena. These works utilize, among other things, exclusive source recordings from the interferometers of LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) capturing the s…
LP | €21.00
Island of the Hungry Ghosts (Lp)
Deeper-than-deep field recordings, sub-aquatic drones and microtonal rhythmic flurries from veteran Aussie producer Aaron Cupples, composed exclusively for the award-winning hybrid documentary "Island of the Hungry Ghosts".  Cupples, who's worked with Spiritualized, Blanck Mass, Broken Social Scene and others, was eager to reflect the atmosphere of Gabrielle Brady's film. The hybrid documentary follows the journey of millions of migratory crabs on Christmas Island and juxtaposes this phenomenon …
LP | €23.90
Mosaics: The Albums 1969-1972 (3CD Box)
* New Re-mastered 3CD box of the classic albums by Third Ear Band released between 1969 & 1972*  Third Ear Band emerged in 1967 from the Ladbroke Grove/Notting Hill counterculture scene.  Saxophonist/flautist Dave Tomlin teamed up with jazz drummer Glen Sweeney and bassist Roger Bunn to form an ensemble with the unlikely moniker Giant Sun Trolley to participate in the free improvisation sessions that took place at the end of the Thursday club nights at the famed UFO club.  Even in these early da…
3CD | €35.00
Galactic Supermarket
1974 the Cosmic Jokers were basically Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, various Ash Ra Tempel and Wallenstein members doing late night jamming. Galactic Supermarket is one of them, and is more rock-oriented than many others. It's no surprise the music bears more than a passing resemblance to Ash Ra Tempel, because of Manuel Göttsching and his guitar playing. Also Jürgen Dollase gives some nice keyboard work, particularly the piano, Farfisa electric piano, synths, and even a little Mellotron. Kla…
CD | €16.90
Antibes '75 (LP)
Two days after recording the first album ever issued on the Black Saint label, Billy Harper and his quintet were onstage at the Antibes Juan-Les-Pins jazz festival. Though Black Saint is a phenomenal album and is rightfully considered as one of the finest jazz releases of the period, Antibes ’75 shows that Billy and his men gathered momentum to push the boundaries of their studio effort even further.  That night, surrounded by stars, pine woods and a captivated audience, the quintet delivered a …
LP | €32.00
Limited Stops Only (LP)
* 180g reissue. One of the rarest to find on the tiny Nimbus Label. The Music is Wonderful and colorful * This superb-sounding Pure Pleasure reissue (remastered by, yes you guessed it. Kevin Grey) brims with propulsive, almost manic energy, exemplified by the opening ‘Distant Vibes’ (a Kelly original). Sometimes, Kelly and his splendidly simpatico quartet let up the pace a little, but things never flag. There are covers of Strayhorn’s ‘Lush Life’, Herbie’s ‘Dolphin Dance’, Kern’s ‘Yesterday’ and…
LP | €29.90
Vivid Underscores (Lp)
They say: "Contemporary scores for visual effect" We say: Synth-heavy, low-slung space-funk masterpiece.  This is it. This is THE ONE for us: Keith “The Man” Mansfield’s Vivid Underscores from 1977. A sample freak’s wet dream and one of Be With Rob’s favourite ever KPM records. A must for fans of Brian Bennett’s Voyage (yes, THAT good). And no, we’ve no idea either why it took us this long to get round to tackling this monster of a record. But then again some things are worth waiting for.  With …
LP | €23.90

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