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New Arrivals

Aphorisms Insane (LP)
The only album by Austrian trio Cultural Noise is a an electronic marvel. Band members were Gerhard Lisy, Walter Heinisch and Karl Kronfeld, and instruments used included an ARP Sequencer, an ARP 2600, a VCS 3, an EMS Digital Sequencer, a Mellotron M…
LP | €21.90
Africa Roja (LP)
The story of Klamm started in Martorell, 30km near Barcelona, in 1976. Teenagers Josep Saus "Toto", Antonio K. Puertas and Leo Mariño got together under the influence of bands like Can and King Crimson. The original line up consisted of guitar, bass …
LP | €23.90
Etudes From a Starship
Voin Oruwu is a project driven by Ukrainian artist Dmitriy Avksentiev. Etudes From a Starship is his second album and has been inspired by astral themes. The album invites the listener to join a fantasy universe created by the simple power of music. …
CD | €13.00
Eleven Minarets
**300 copies** Previously released as part of Arab Quarter by Soleilmoon back in 1996, 11 Minarets, is a focused exploration on one theme which allowed Bryn Jones to push the boundaries of his music deep into new areas. As on his other albums release…
CD | €13.00
**300 copies** Ukrainian label Kvitnu has the honour of releasing these two musicians’ new album. Oksastus, which is the Finnish word for the process of grafting and cultivating plants, provides potential listeners with an unmistakably Pan Sonic live…
CD | €13.00
Salaam Alekum, Bastard
**CD version, 300 copies** Issued on Ukraine-via-Berlin label Kvitnu, for whom the release has an extra political resonance - outlined below - Salaam Alekum, Bastard is a prime example of Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze’s strongheld political worldview, n…
CD | €13.00
Salaam Alekum, Bastard (2LP)
A vital Muslimgauze classic from 1995, spying some of his sickest drum chops and opiated atmospheres from a cutlishly adored period of his catalog.
LP x 2 | €34.00
Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta (LP)
**500 copies** Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta is the second solo work of Ilpo Väisänen under his own name since 2001’s Asuma. 180g black vinyl record inlayed into high quality 5-color printed heavy cardboard envelope with additional golden hot f…
LP | €13.50
La Polizia Accusa: il Servizio Segreto Uccide (LP)
**Limited Collectors Edition, 300 copies** Digitmovies releases the originally soundtrack by Luciano Michelini for the film Silent Action (aka Chopper Squad, original title La Polizia Accusa: Il Servizio Segreto Uccide). Luciano Michelini created sym…
LP | €27.90
Genova a Mano Armata (LP)
**Limited Collectors Edition, 300 copies** Digitmovies is releasing the original soundtrack by Franco Micalizzi for the film Merciless Man (original title Genova a Mano Armata). Franco Micalizzi wrote one of his best OSTs for the Poliziesco genre wit…
LP | €27.90
Devil Got My Woman - Songs of Devilry, Doom & Voodoo (LP)
"A great selection of 1920s-50s blues/jazz tracks about the devil, hoodoo men, and dark tales of doom and misery by artists like Victoria Spivey, Blind Willie Johnson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Memphis Minnie, Skip James, and others. An excellent choice for…
LP | €16.90
AMMMusic (Lp)
The first recording by these pioneers of electro-acoustic improvisation, AMMMusic stands the test of time both as a remarkably prescient session and as an utterly powerful and deep piece of 20th century music
LP | €17.90
Ephemeral (LP)
**White vinyl** Mingle keeps moving forward: right after Static and its apparent calm, Ephemeral, the brand new album, gets released. This marks Mingle's second effort on Kvitnu (part of a four-chapter series which includes Movements and Masks, both …
LP | €14.90
Sweet Heritage (LP)
Rare private press Jazz-Funk with breaks and some spiritual influences reminiscent of Brother Ahh at times. The group cover Stevie Wonder’s You Are the Sunshine of My Life and play originals that include Sweet Heritage, Free Will, One of a Kind (Love…
LP | €24.90
Space Jungle Luv (LP)
"Space Jungle Luv" emerged in 1976 (a year after the classic "African Rhythms" set) and marked a distinct change of direction for Plunky and co. Their feet were still in the ghetto, but this time they were looking at the stars; headed up by the stron…
LP | €28.00
Zviy (tape)
Active in the Ukrainian and Polish underground since the early '90's Svitlana Nianio has released music that weaves traditonal Slavic folk influences with hints of minimalism (La Monte Young, Terry Riley etc) that instantly melt the pinal gland in re…
TAPE | €9.00
Kris Vanderstraeten (Frederik Leroux, Dirk Serries, Timo van Luijk...), daniel duchamP (Wolfgang Fuchs, Karine Germaix, Dominique Vermeesch ....) and Bart De Paepe (Ilta Hämärä, Bombay Lunactic Asylum...) get lost in a delicate delirium of bright int…
TAPE | €9.00
African Rhythms (LP)
Remastered reissue of overproof and classic American R&B and Afro-jazz-funk LP from 1975, crammed with killer breaks and vibes for days. Includes previously unheard nuggets such as ‘Afrobeat’ discovered on the original master tapes.
LP | €28.00
Maggot Brain #2 (Mar/Apr/May 2020)
"Maggot Brain is a full-color, quarterly magazine edited by noted Detroit scribe Mike McGonigal: 100+ pages packed with phenomenal content -- art, music, literature, unpublished archival material, and more -- with a simple promise to only exist on th…
Magazine | €15.00
Record: The Space Between (LP)
In 1971 Antonio Dias (Brazilian, 1944–2018) produced Record: The Space Between, a vinyl LP audio project, in an edition of just 180 copies numbered and signed by the artist. Both the cover and the LP itself were unconventional: eschewing the traditio…
| €26.00

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Poesy Matters and Other Matters (2xBooks)
2 individual books, packaged together | €55.00
Archipel (Lp)
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Violin By Night
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