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1950s-electronic 1960s-electronic 1970s-electronic 60s electronic 60s electronic music 70s 80s 80s electronic 90s Abstract acousmatic Acousmatic Music Ambient analogue synth Arab Waves Array atmospheric aural documentary Avant-garde Baroque BBC Radiophonic Workshop Berlin School Broken Beats Buchla Cinematic circuits bending Classical Cold Wave Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center Computer Music contemporary Contemporary Exotica Contemporary Jazz Cosmic Cult album Cybernetics Dark Ambient Darkwave Destroyed Techno digital Distant Lands DIY Doom Downtempo Dreamscapes drone microsound Drones Dub early computer music Early Electronic early minimalism Eastern-European Electronics Eastern influenced Ecstatic Electroacoustic electro acoustic composition Electronically Augmented Jazz Electronic Music from Latin America EMS Stockholm Ems Synthi / VCS3 environmental Ethereal Ethnic Experimental experimental / weird Feedback Field Recordings Fluxus FM / AM Radio Found Sounds Frippertronics Fusion glitch Heldon Holy Minimalism hyper-forward IDM Illbient immersive Improvised improvised electronics Industrial industrial techno Institute of Sonology in Utrecht Intimate Invented Instruments Ipem Japan Just Intonation Kosmiche Kraut laptop Leftfield Live electronics Live Performance Lo-Fi Loops Lucid Dreaming meditative music melancholic strings Microtonal Mind-Altering Minimal Minimalism Modern Classical modular synthesizers Moog Musique Concrète Mystic Narrative Music Neue Deutsche Welle New Age New Wave New York Hypnotic School New York Minimalism New York's downtown scene in the 1970s NHK Studio Noise North-Europe Ondes Martenot Organic originators ORTF / INA-GRM Percussive Phase music Plain Weird Post-Industrial post-minimalist Post-Punk Process Music proto-techno Psych Punk Radio Waves Raw Electronics repetition Resonating objects rhythms Ritual Sacred Sampledelia San Francisco tape music center Sci-Fi sine waves Sound Collage sound frequencies Sound Installation Sound Poetry Spacey spectral Spoken Word Studio Di Fonologia Musicale Di Firenze Studio di Fonologia Musicale di Milano Studio for Electronic Music of WDR Cologne submerged notes Synclavier Synth Bubbles Synth-Electro Synthesizers synthetic journeys Synthscapes Tape Music Trance-inducing treated guitar Tribal Unexplained Sounds Vaporwave Victoria Electronic Music Studios Vocoding weird
Clock Resistance (tape)
Tape | €8.50
Hidden Codes (Tape)
Tape | €8.50
Apiary (Tape)
Tape | €8.50
3 Raw Takes (12")
12" | €15.00
2 LP | €25.90
CD | €15.00
Galaxie (13CD box)
12CD Box | €68.00
Diffractions (LP)
LP | €19.90
A 480 (White LP)
Coloured LP | €25.90
Ecophony Gaia (2LP)
LP x 2 | €30.00
3 / 3 (LP)
LP | €21.90
Stock Fantasy Zone (Tape)
Tape | €8.00
Apart (Tape)
Tape | €9.90
Beach Music (LP)
LP | €21.90
Kruos (LP)
LP | €21.90
Music of Liberation (2LP)
2LP | €24.00
CD | €12.50
First Thus
CD | €13.50
Mercurial Horizon
CD | €13.50
Blue Soup n°2, 2010 (7")
7" | €23.00
Marble (7")
7" | €20.00
Melanesia (LP)
LP | €21.90
CD | €13.90
Static Fuzz Drill
CD | €13.90
CD | €13.90
Disappear (LP)
LP | €18.90
Galoba (Tape)
Tape | €15.00
CD | €15.00
Narcotic (2LP)
LP | €29.90
Amahar (2LP)
LP | €25.90
2CD | €17.00
The Illusion of Power
CD | €13.00