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50s 60s 70s 80s Abstract Acid Rock Acoustic Aleatoric music Ambient anti music art punk Art-Rock Atmospheric aural documentary Avant-garde Avant-Rock Bad Trip Bass Blues Cello Cinematic circuit bending Concept Album Contemporary Contemporary Exotica Cyberpunk dark Delicate deviants Deviated Blues Distant Lands DIY Doom Dreamscapes Drone Dub Duo Durational early industrial Eastern influenced East German Underground Ecstatic Electroacoustic Electronic Electronica Electronically Augmented Jazz Ethereal Ethnic Experimental Music from Latin America Experimental Sound in New Zealand Experimental Vocals extended techniques extended vocal extended voices Feedback Field Recordings Folk Fourth World freak-out Free Improvisation French free-jazz scene Fusion Gamelan guitar Immersive Improvised Improvising Industrial Inner Piano Intimate Invented Instruments Japan Jazz-Rock Jazzy Just Intonation Kraut Krautock Leftfield Library Live electronics Lo-Fi London Musicians Collective Loner Loops machine music Microtonal Minimal Mixed Media Modern Classical Musique Concrète Mutant Funk Narrative Music Neofolk New Wave Nocturnal Noise Noise-Rock No Wave Organic outsiders Overtone Singing Paranoid Jazz Percussive performance Post-Industrial Post-Punk Post-Rock Prepared Piano Process-Oriented Progressive Psych Raw Raw Electronics Repetitive Ritual Sacred Shoegaze Solo Guitar solo instrument Sound Collage Spontaneous Strumming Music Tape Music The Homosexuals The Residents The Secret Life of Plants Tibetan Toy Instruments tradition meets innovation Tribal Turntablism Wacky RnR Wandelweiser Wind Instruments World
Trippin' Musik (3LP Box)
3LP Box | €54.00
Spoki (LP)
LP | €22.90
Les Transports
CD | €10.00
I. (2LP)
2LP | €28.00
So Many Ways (12")
LP | €19.90
The Sacrificial Code (2LP)
LP x 2 | €29.90
Om Shanti Shanti Om
CD | €14.00
LP | €17.90
CD | €16.50
Days Collapse
CD | €14.00
Jankélévitch Sextets
CD | €14.00
The way to go out
CD | €14.00
Anthemoessa (LP)
LP | €28.90
Fourteen Years (10")
10" | €16.90
Absolutego (2LP)
LP | €32.00
Filaments (Tape)
Tape | €8.50
Chapter Eleven (4CD Box)
4CD Box | €38.00
Behold (Tape)
Tape | €9.00
Live at Tubby's (2LP)
2LP | €29.90
The Absolute End (12")
Colored 12" | €12.90
Nuunmuun 눈문 (LP)
LP | €20.90
Plz tell me (12")
12" | €17.90
Harpist (tape)
TAPE | €8.00
Vocal Studies #9 (tape)
tape | €6.00
Vocal Studies #8 (tape)
tape | €6.00
Vocal Studies #7 (tape)
tape | €6.00