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New Arrivals

Sound Storing Machines (LP)
** Limited edition LP with two sided insert of liner notes by Robert Millis ** The first commercial recordings from Asia were made in Japan in 1903 by Fred Gais…
LP | €22.90
One Man Session (5LP Bundle)
We learned to know Massimo Martellotta with his band, those Calibro 35 for which he wrote some of the most famous songs, some recently sampled by JayZ, Daemon A…
5LP Bundle | €44.00
Porphyr (LP)
** Edition of 200 ** A-Musik is delighted to present Titanoboa's debut album as the first a-Musik release of 2021. "Porphyr" contains eight tracks of delicate E…
LP | €19.90
Enchanted Isle Of Entanglement (7")
Therapeutische Hörgruppe Köln was founded in 2008 by Tobias Beck, Volker Hennes, Svann Langguth and Dirk Specht. At the end of 2009, the group expanded to inclu…
7" | €10.90
First Man In The Moon (LP)
An unlikely meeting of two like-minded spirits, "First Man in the Moon" sees the former Swans guitarist and Hallow Ground regular Norman Westberg and the prolif…
LP | €21.90
Quoi qu'il en Soit (Book + Cd)
Bisou presents the book La Chute de l'Ange, a 48 pages book with colour photographs of Ghédalia Tazartès' "Cabinet de curiosités". The photos were taken by Ghéd…
Book + CD | €19.90
Le Cas Très Inquiétant de Ton Cri (Book + Cc)
AC Hello has been practicing sound poetry for more than ten years, alone or accompanied by musicians. What plays out in their performed reading is a struggle be…
Book + Cd | €19.90
I Can Wait (Tape)
** Edition of 100. 2021 Stock ** Oaken Palace Records proudly presents I Can Wait, a new full-length album by Left Hand Cuts off the Right (aka Robbie Judkins),…
Tape | €12.00
Woven Skull (LP)
** Edition of 500. 2021 Stock ** Woven Skull (alongside an extended family of guests and collaborators) explore the limits of repetition, minimal instrumentatio…
LP | €19.90
Kinetic Tones (LP)
** Edition of 500 on bronze vinyl. 2021 Stock ** One of Drone’s most prolific artists, Justin Wright aka Expo ’70 can look back on an impressive discography cou…
LP | €19.90
Kakapo (LP)
** Edition of 500 Green Translucent Vinyl. 2021 Stock ** Incomparable noise legend Merzbow releases a dense, flailing black hole of a droning noise track, 33 mi…
LP | €19.90
Sacred Sounds 18​.​12​.​16 (2LP)
** Edition of 500. 2021 Stock ** Phurpa return with two massive releases on Oaken Palace Records - more than 3 hours of material spread over a double LP. The vi…
2LP | €26.90
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Squeeze the Lids Through Coming Window (LP)
** Edition of 300 transparent red vinyl. 2021 Stock ** A piercing hum awakens alien skreeks and insect antennae and fluttering seedpod drifts and curled leaf wa…
LP | €19.90
** Edition of 200 **  The compositions on this album started out after travelling to Normandy (France) where a week long I took inspiration on the quiet beaches…
CD | €12.50
Soleils Noirs
** Edition of 200 ** Soleils Noir by Bruno Duplant and Alfredo Costa Monteiro is the first in a series of collaborations between various musicians who release o…
CD | €12.50
Script Original (LP)
** Edition of 300 copies. Hard cardboard gatefold cover ** To Keith... “You were so afraid of death, you spoke about it often… often with lucidity, with reason,…
LP | €21.90

Best Sellers

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Tenno (LP)
For over four decades, Reiko Omura and Tori Kudo have endlessly woven themselves throughout the avant-garde and underground scene of Japan. While internationall…
LP | €19.90
Taiwan Years
A stunning journey into the archives of one of the most fascinating composers / percussionists working today, Michael Ranta’s Taiwan Years, issued by Metaphon, …
CD | €15.00
Some Deaths Take Forever (2Lp)
2LP + insert. First time vinyl reissue since the original 1980 version. Original remastered album plus second LP with unreleased extra tracks from 'Some Deaths …
LPx2 | €23.90
Jungle Obsession
Offficial reissue of this classic library album comes as a 50th anniversary edition on 180 grams vinyl with two bonus tracks. Farfalla Records presents a reissu…
LP | €23.90

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