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New Arrivals

The Spell: The Vincent Chancey Trio Live, 1987 (LP)
**300 copies** "NoBusiness presents a live recording of The Vincent Chancey Trio taken at the Kraine Art Gallery, NYC on 21st October, 1987, and featuring Vince…
LP | €19.90
The Gift (LP)
**300 copies** "NoBusiness presents the latest trio offering by German brothers Conny and Matthias Bauer and Norwegian drummer and percussionist Dag Magnus Narv…
LP | €19.90
Duck Walks Dog (With Mixed Results) (LP)
"NoBusiness presents archive studio recordings by DUX Orchestra, which featured Mats Gustafsson and Will Connell, Jr. among its revered members. Duck Walks Dog …
LP | €19.90
Some More Jazz (LP)
**350 copies** "NoBusiness presents the latest trio recordings by Thomas Borgmann, Jan Roder and Willi Kellers. The album includes the following tracks: The Oth…
LP | €19.90
Improdimensions (LP)
**300 copies** "The second side of this beautiful duo album was recorded more or less half a year after The Swiftest Traveller in Vilnius, while the first one i…
LP | €19.90
A new album from the trio who released Tse in 2016, and - along with violinist Angharad Davies - Awire in 2018. Three compositions of quiet and delicate beauty,…
CD | €14.00
Following on from the wonderful "Cantilena", four new chamber works by the Paris-based Italian composer Giuliano d'Angiolini. Performers include Apartment House…
CD | €14.00
Let Pass My Weary Guiltless Ghost
Magnus Granberg and Skogen return with another exquisite hour-long piece recorded in Stockholm in November 2019. With Ko Ishikawa, Rhodri Davies, Toshimaru Naka…
CD | €14.00
Fűr Biliana
Four chamber works for strings by the veteran German composer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, performed by Biliana Voutchkova, with Michael Rauter and Nurit Stark. From…
CD | €14.00
A 52-minute piece jointly composed and performed by Angharad Davies (violin), Klaus Lang (harmonium) and Anton Lukoszevieze (cello). Recorded during a residency…
CD | €14.00
Musax Background Music Library Vol. 1 (LP)
"For this first volume of Musax Background Music Library, Farfalla Records continues exploring the maze of the french library music through one of its most disc…
LP | €24.90
The Wicker Man (LP)
One of the maddest soundtracks you'll ever buy – a strange mix of folksy tunes, sound effects, and odd noisy bits – recorded for the equally odd film of the sam…
LP | €23.90
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No U-Turn - Live in Pasadena, 1975
This previously unissued recording of cornetist Bobby Bradford and woodwinds player John Carter at Caltech’s Baxter Lecture Hall, with two bassists - Stanley Ca…
CD | €15.50
Journey To The One (2LP)
A later album by Pharoah, but one of his best! The record has a solidity that matches all of the soulful spirituality of his Impulse years with the a tightness …
LP | €42.00
The Spiral (LP)
Tip! **200 copies, screenprinted cover** "Elin Engström from Monokultur and Skiftande Enheter goes solo as Loopsel. Recorded for a video installation in Copenha…
LP | €22.90
**CD version** Following 2019’s New Atlantis LP under his alias Efdemin, Phillip Sollmann’s Monophonie is a project dedicated to uniting different strands of ut…
CD | €14.50

Best Sellers

Vanity Records - Vinyl-On-Demand bundle (8LP in bundle)
8LP in bundle (2x Box-sets, includes 1 Shirt) | €166.00
Vanity Music (2Lp Box + Shirt)
2LP Box (+shirt) | €55.00
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Huellas Entreveradas (LP)
Beatriz Ferreyra has been at the forefront of electroacoustic music composition since 1963 when she joined the Groupe de Recherches Musicales as one of Pierre S…
LP | €24.90
Freedom Power (LP)
**In process of stocking** Outstanding and legendary Italian Library originally released in 1976 on the glorious Cometa label on a very limited run. A totally k…
LP | €26.90
Dadarottenvator (LP, wooden box)
**199 copies, in process of stocking** "Merzbow stands as the most important artist in noise music. The moniker of Japanese artist Masami Akita was born in Toky…
LP, wooden box | €30.00
A Sacrifice Shall Be Made / All The Wicked Scenes (Lp)
**Edition of 300, comes with 8-page glossy photo booklet and double D/L code. Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M Berlin** Music by Piotr Kurek for theatre perform…
LP | €21.90

Upcoming Releases

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