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Vanity Records CD Box-sets bundle (27 CD)
4 x Box Set, 27CD in Bundle | €290.00
Châsse Vol.2 (17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet)
17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet | €279.00

New Arrivals

12 Instrumenter Til Henning (LP)
12 instrumenter til Henning (english: 12 instruments for Henning) is a new arrangement by Danish composer Anders Lauge Meldgaard (formerly known as Frisk Frugt)…
LP | €19.90
Arkhaios (10")
Jeremie Mathes is a French field recording artist (known for some excellent CDs on Unfathomless) living in Cambodia since some years. For "Arkhaios" he combined…
10" | €15.90
Substrata (Colored 10")
* Edition of 300, transparent green vinyl * Italy's Cristiano Deison enriches the experimental sound and noise art community with his releases and various colla…
Colored 10" | €15.90
The Plaintive (LP)
Suction present a new vinyl release of “The Plaintive”, the first new album since 2014 by the somewhat underrated electronic project of Mark Van Hoen, Locust. "…
LP | €16.90
Mara (LP)
* Picture disc edition of 300 copies * Maja S. K. Ratkje is at the forefront of the musical avant-garde. Her music is bold, original and it is meant for sharing…
LP | €23.90
Fretted and Indebted (12")
* Edition of 300 * Alasdair Roberts is one of our more beloved folk singers of recent years (though he hates the term folk singer apparently). The Scottish musi…
12" | €18.50
Black Phoebe (LP)
* Edition of 300 * Mark Lanegan and his wife, Shelley Brien (Singrid Lund) pursue a gothic wave and washed-out techno muse in a deliciously cranky follow-up to …
LP | €15.90
Pushing Through A Wall (LP)
* Edition of 300 * Industrial changeling Oliver Ho returns to his Slow White Fall alias for a howling and paganistic suite of industrial music in an English med…
LP | €18.90
Kutra Bégulma - Unfinished Altar (2 LP)
* Limited Edition Green vinyls + insert *  Ars Subtilior (14th century) and the Noise: the two inspirations of Christophe Guiraud which are like two rivers whic…
2 LP | €21.90
Chicago Waves (LP)
In process of stocking. In late November of 2018, long-time collaborators (and life-long Los Angelenos) Carlos Niño and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson flew to Chicago t…
LP | €26.90
Universal Beings E&F Sides (LP)
In process of stocking. A new project by Chicago-based drummer / producer Makaya McCraven. An addendum to his critically-acclaimed 2018 release Universal Beings…
LP | €26.90
Tour Beats Vol. 1 (LP)
In process of stocking. Anteloper is a duo of psychedelic sonic compatriots starring a pair of raggedy celestial sound warriors: trumpeter Jaimie Branch and dru…
LP | €26.90
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Electric Guitar Duets (LP)
Limited repress! LP reissue of Land And Sea's limited 2016 tape documenting a performance by guitarists Michael Morley and Bill Orcutt at the L&S gallery in Oak…
LP | €23.90
Journey in Satchidananda (Lp)
Deluxe LP edition. 2020 repress. originally issued by Impulse in 1971, this masterpiece Alice's album is on of the most exciting record she have ever did! And, …
Vinyl LP | €19.90
Spiritual Jazz 12: Impulse! (3LP)
Triple LP version. Gatefold sleeve. In Jazzman Records' latest chapter of Spiritual Jazz, the label returns to the source -- the Impulse! label, and the monumen…
LP x 3 | €32.00
Love Nature (Lp)
Japan import. Reissued for the first time. Rare and rich contents from 1970s Japanese jazz which is now gathering global attention, originally released on Terum…
LP | €27.90

Best Sellers

Châsse Vol.2 (17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet)
17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet | €279.00
Vanity Records CD Box-sets bundle (27 CD)
4 x Box Set, 27CD in Bundle | €290.00
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Dishwashers (LP)
**400 copies** Soon available.  Bill Nace and Graham Lambkin first played together in Fall 2018, in Kentucky, behind plastic. In that performance, they sometime…
LP | €25.90
History Is What's Happening (LP)
Emerging out of Amsterdam's vibrant squat scene in 1979, The Ex -- a name chosen for the ease and speed with which it could be spray-painted onto a wall -- have…
LP | €21.90
To the Quiet Man From a Tiny Girl (yellow vinyl) + Merzbild Schwet (blue vinyl) - 2LP Bundle
**Special Bundle, yellow and blue vinyls. Very few copies available** Two absolutely stunning, long out of print early artifacts from Nurse With Wound's seminal…
2LP bundle | €47.00
Harps of the Ancient Temples (LP)
Gail Laughton, born Denzil Gail Laughton (1921–1985), was an American jazz harpist. He worked in Hollywood, playing on many film and cartoon soundtracks. Origin…
LP | €15.90

Upcoming Releases

Châsse Vol.2 (17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet)
17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet | €279.00
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