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New Arrivals

Absolute Body Control - 1980​/​2020 (3LP+Poster)
* Absolute Body Control "1980/2020" Ltd. Edition 3x12" Vinyl + Poster presented in ultra-deluxe triple jacket One-off truly limited edition of 400 copies lacque…
3LP+Poster | €62.00
Stateless (LP)
Guitar improviser Tashi Dorji takes acoustic in hand, recording in a rare studio setting with extra focus and balance. In a set of songs that travel through our…
LP | €22.00
Cut A Crooked Track (7")
* Edition of 200 copies. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert * Six new tracks from Mark Anderson and Mark Sadgrove, New Zealanders now …
7" | €9.90
Music From Cassettes, Etc. 2008-2017
* Edition of 300 * 'A collection of material from old cassettes, CD-r releases etc from the English guitarist Jon Collin. Now based in Stockholm, Sweden, Collin…
LP | €19.90
Dark Ballads (LP)
* Edition of 300 * Dark Ballads is the obvious title of this LP, as if this music pre-existed the duo that, without any other choice, was formed around it. Sinc…
LP | €18.90
Istantanee vol​.​1 (LP)
* Limited Edition 300 copies High Quality 180gr Black Vinyl * These musical compositions – which I called Istantanee (snapshots) – were realized with sonic mate…
LP | €14.90
Istantanee vol​.​1
* Limited Edition of 300 High Quality 6 Pages Digipack * These musical compositions – which I called Istantanee (snapshots) – were realized with sonic materials…
CD | €10.00
As Vgei Kapou Ayto
* Vinyl edition, limited to 200 hand-stamped copies * Twelve years since 2008, year zero in the documentation of Angelos Kyriou’s works, 2020 saw the long-await…
7" | €12.90
Снег (LP)
“I love plainness in colour, monotony, snow is rather a monotonous tune. Why should colour not give an impression of singing? White is like a murmur, a whisper,…
LP | €19.90
Boundary Scan (2LP)
How secluded can contemporaneity be? Is every art aimed at an inherent center? Are sound waves soft boundaries? Pack a bag, a sky and a bonfire log to join six …
2LP | €25.90
Bangalore (LP)
Bangalore marks MKM’s fifth release for Mikroton. Recorded in concert on February 2, 2019 in Bangalore during a tour of India, this LP documents the group’s plu…
LP | €19.90
Rural Objects (LP)
* 250 copies on black vinyl. 350gsm cover and insert featuring artwork by Francis Plagne * Expanded vinyl edition of the 2019 tape/digital release. This release…
LP | €21.00
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Mex 2020 (Tape)
Mex is a non-profit-organization for intermedia and experimental music projects, located in Dortmund, Germany. Since 1992 more than 650 musicians and media arti…
Tape | €7.00
Ludwig Wittbrodt (Tape)
* Cassette in a plastic case with a cardboard insert, printed on the devices of the Museum of Photocopy in Mulheim, Germany. Dubbed in high quality at Ana Ott *…
Tape | €8.00
Anna​-​Lisa & Rosanne (Tape)
* Each cassette is handmade and unique. The cases have been made in gravure printing. More precisely: They are line etchings with oil paint on handmade paper. T…
Tape | €8.00
SSSS (Tape)
Alicja presents SSSS by Szymon Wildstein.Imagine a theatre run by pigs, the play that comes out of it, will it ruin your life?orYou piggy could start everything…
Tape | €8.00

Best Sellers

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Suite Epique (LP)
**1000 copies** New Superfly reissue of French progressive Jazz rarity on private label with Teddy Lasry and Bernard Lubat, totally unique cinematic Jazz suites…
LP | €24.90
Love's Secret Domain (3LP)
In 1991 Coil released the third of their early classic full-length albums "Love's Secret Domain", seemingly casting aside the gloom and funereal beauty of its p…
3LP | €44.90
New York Total Music Company 1968 - SWR Broadcast (LP)
Restocked, very last copies ** Private edition, limited to 107 hand-numbered copies ** Broadcast from SWR, recorded at 10th Deutsches Jazzfestival Frankfurt, Ge…
LP | €23.90
Selected Writings and Interviews (Book)
The life and work of Maryanne Amacher are as vast as they are as yet unknown. A heterodox and idiosyncratic selection of largely unpublished documents spanning …
BOOK | €39.90

Upcoming Releases

Mex 2020
CD | €5.00
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