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New Arrivals

Again & Again (2CD)
This is the third and final chapter of a project/research on "minimalisms" that the Italian flutist Manuel Zurria, acclaimed instrumentalist and passionate love…
2xCD | €16.00
Duo Pour 454 Chordes (LP)
**2020 stock** Dual  piano  meetings  have  a  checkered  history  in  the  improvised  music  world.  Although  innovators  such  as  Satoko  Fujii  and  Keith…
LP | €15.00
The Ear Cannot Be Filled With Hearing (LP)
**2020 stock** Abschattungen is the band Giovanni Di Domenico formed to pay hommage to everything that goes under the name ‘funk’. Strong grooves are laid under…
LP | €15.00
Drumira (12")
**120 copies** It features four heavyweight tracks by Stefan Schneider, ghanaian drummer Nicholas Addo Nettey and percussionist Sven Kacirek (Hamburg).  Nichola…
12" | €19.90
Dyspnea (parts I-IX)
Limited edition of 100 copies. "Here are two new releases by Manuel Mota, our man on the guitar and as before, he presents one disc with the music of his own ma…
CD | €12.00
Limited edition of 100 copies. Another remarkable album by Manuel Mota, drawing out strands of 'strangely tuned' guitar sounds that wrap around her skeletal mel…
CD | €12.00
A Uis?
Not Two Records presents a live concert by Jubileum Quartet recorded at the 23rd Cekno Jazz Festival, in Cerkno, Slovenia, on May 18th, 2108, by Borut Celik. Th…
CD | €13.50
The tenth Conference Call album and the first with drummer Dieter Ulrich taking over for former drummers Matt Wilson, Han Bennink, George Schuller and Gerry Hem…
CD | €13.50
Percussion Works
Australian composer Thomas Meadowcroft grew up at a time when Australians viewed their physical distance to supposed cultural roots as immense whether to the hi…
CD | €16.50
Nights Of Ballads & Blues (LP)
As the title implies, this McCoy Tyner release is a low-key, after-hours affair. Far removed from the intensity of work with then-boss John Coltrane, Tyner stre…
LP | €14.90
Cracklin' (LP)
The six tracks include originals by Ervin "Scoochie", pianist Ronnie Mathews "Dorian" and "Honeydew", and Haynes "Bad News Blues" as well as tremendous versions…
LP | €14.90
House Party (LP)
House Party is the fourteenth album by American jazz organist Jimmy Smith featuring performances recorded in 1957 and 1958 and released on the Blue Note label. …
LP | €14.90
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Motus (2LP)
Limited 2 LP edition. Isolationist pioneer Thomas Köner goes all the way in for his spiritual home of Mille Plateaux with a masterful new album of dynamic, grip…
2xLP | €28.00
A Jazz Delegation From The East (LP)
This great document consists of two different 1956, Hollywood, studio sessions with the young John Coltrane leading a true Jazz delegation from the east, in oth…
LP | €14.90
Newest Sound Around (LP)
Here is the long awaited vinyl reissue of the debut masterpiece of Jeanne Lee and Ran Blake. Produced by "Third Stream" genius Gunther Schuller and originally r…
LP | €14.90
New Faces, New Sounds (LP)
What style of piano does Elmo Hope play? It would be easy to answer “The same as Bud Powell,” but this would not do justice to a musician who, while coming alon…
LP | €14.90

Best Sellers

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Om Shanti Shanti Om (LP)
**In process of stocking** An amazing document of the life experiment that was the Organic Music Society. This super quality audio, recorded by RAI (the italian…
LP | €19.90
Musica Per Commenti Sonori (LP)
Limited edition of 400 copies. Remastered from the original master tapes. An extraordinary Italian Library recording originally released on the Costanza output …
LP | €26.90
Aurora / Miss Madona (LP+7" bundle)
This special bundle collects the reissues of Le Théâtre du Chêne Noir's Aurora LP and Miss Madona 7" EP:Le Théâtre du Chêne Noir "Aurora" (1971)Souffle Continu …
LP + 7" bundle | €33.00
Free Jazz Und Kinder (LP)
Reissue of the rare & infamous double 7“ originally published by FMP in 1973. Recordings from a workshop at Akademie der Künste, Berlin, April 1972, featuring 1…
LP | €19.90

Upcoming Releases

Both (Lp)
LP | €25.90
Embrujo (LP)
LP | €17.90
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