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New Arrivals

Parallel Darks (Lp)
Estimable Austrian double bassist Werner Dafeldecker commits his first electro-acoustic full length with an engrossing side of textural roil for Room 40 compara…
LP | €26.90
Opium Crop Airstrikes (LP)
Declassified militarist ambience from Vatican Shadow, finding Dominik Fernow (Prurient) donning his desert fatigues for a mesmerising follow-up to his technoid …
LP | €21.90
La Cathédrale Morte (Lp Color)
Closely mirroring the alchemical, organic processes of decomposition, Vox Populi! acousmatic mass of burred found sound, tape loops and intoxicated electronics …
LP | €19.90
La Cathédrale Morte (LP)
Closely mirroring the alchemical, organic processes of decomposition, Vox Populi! acousmatic mass of burred found sound, tape loops and intoxicated electronics …
LP | €16.90
Music On The Way (LP)
In process of stocking. Infinite Fog Productions is excite to announce this vinyl edition of early works by Peter Davison, one of the most important ambient rei…
LP | €27.90
Improvisations On The Pipe Organs (LP)
**Limited edition of 300 copies with a download code** Canadian Blake Hargreaves got deeply into classical music and specifically the church organ as a child. W…
LP | €21.90
1 Minute 2 Midnight (Lp)
Consisting of two side long explorations, what we have here is some prime one-man electro racket. The first side features “Hopewell,” a piece anchored by minima…
LP | €26.90
Kohoutek (Lp)
**2020 stock** This was the first spontaneous release that was made into a record, credited to Father Yod and The Spirit of '76. It came out in 1973, the year o…
LP | €23.90
Early Electronic Works (2CD, special Edition)
** Limited Edition to 30 copies, CD + CDr. This special edition is added monaural mixed version CDR for Electronnyk 1976. Onnyk had no mixer at the time ** Onny…
CD + CDr | €30.00
20 Years Of Experimental Music (10CD Box)
**Edition of 300 copies** Nantes trio Formanex celebrates 20 years of activism in experimental music with a 10 CD edition full of amazing collaborations with ON…
10CD Box | €80.00
Early Electronic Works
Onnyk (Yoshiaki Kinno) is a well-known on the field of Japan's underground and free improvisation, acted as 'The Fifth Column", also called 'Daigoretsu', in mid…
CD | €16.00
Automaginary (Lp)
**2020 Repress. Special silk-screened covers, limited edition** The massed drone supergroup scale great heights and depths in their first communion for Drag Cit…
LP | €24.90
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Rebajas (7CD Box)
The ‘Rebajas’ box set is a 7CD, 6 hour and 42 minute journey through the Bitchin Bajas catalogue to date, including all 11 of their solo releases: eight albums …
7CD Box | €45.00
Pro-Breendonk LP
**Edition of 150 numbered copies.** First ever re-issue of the rare 1984 cassette by Produktion (the obscure collective and label formed by Ross Cannon, Christi…
LP | €18.90
First ever re-issue of this mythical Maurizio Bianchi tape from 1981, featuring two long tracks 'The Maldoror's Coming' and 'To Birkenau'. The ape was recorded …
LP | €15.00
Csoma (LP)
Beautiful new album by the legendary performer, media artist and influential figure of European minimalism.
LP | €23.90

Best Sellers

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The Mirror / Stalker (Lp)
It comes as no surprise that Andrei Tarkovsky, master of Soviet cinema, turned to composer Eduard Artemiev to score his two lyrical and haunting films, The Mirr…
LP | €12.00
Nothin To Look At Just A Record (Lp)
Immersion. Everything and nothing, suspension is supreme. A visceral listening experience.
LP | €12.00
Eroina (LP, clear vinyl)
Last copies **150 copies, clear vinyl** There are still so many treasures to be discovered out there, but once you find a gem like this you can definitely put t…
LP | €24.90
Le Nid D’Ivoire (LP)
The tremulous, electro-acoustic/ambient beauty ’Le Nid D’Ivoire’ marks the return of Andrew Chalk and Timo Van Luijk’s enchanted Elodie duo to the latter’s La S…
LP | €18.90

Upcoming Releases

Anthology 1983-1993 (8LP Box + 7" & Shirt)
8LP + 7" + Shirt Boxset. Includes booklet. | €144.00
Vanity Music (2Lp Box + Shirt)
2LP Box (+shirt) | €55.00
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