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Acoustic Africa African Afro Albania American Primitive Arab aural documentary Blues Brazil Burkina Faso Congo Country-Blues Dhrupad drone Dub Eastern influenced Ecstatic Egypt ethereal Ethnic Experimental Field Recordings fingerstyle folk guitar Folk-Rock Gambia Gamelan Ghana Greece Griot Guadeloupe guitar themed Gwo Ka Healing Music Improvised India Indonesia Italy Lebanon Lo-Fi Meditative Morocco Music from the World Neofolk Percussive Progressive Psych Rebetiko Roots Russia Sahara desert Shakuhachi Southeast Asia Sufi Traditional Trance-Inducing Transcendental Tribal Tuareg
CD | €15.00
Hat (Lp)
LP | €21.00
Stateless (LP)
LP | €22.00
No Love is Sorrow (LP)
LP | €25.90
The Harry Smith B-Sides (4CD+Book Box)
3CD+Dvd+Book BOX | €88.00
Pocket Moon (LP)
LP | €19.90
Misty Flats (LP)
LP | €12.90
The Faerie Shaman
CD | €6.00
CD | €6.00
Give It Up
CD | €10.00
Ormenion (LP)
LP | €22.90
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