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New Arrivals / Today

Canadian bowed guitarist and multi-instrumentalist C. Diab announces his fifth album Imerro, out February 16th, and presents the trip-infused lead single 'Lunar Barge'.
With seemingly effortless precision and a sense for the imperfect, Popp merges Ambient, Third Stream and Minimal Music on his debut album "Laya". The title derives from the Sanskrit language and signifies a place of rest and mental inactivity. In the spring of 2019 Popp created these 8 tracks from hours of improvisation in his own studio. The moments thus captured were then enriched with more sounds and effects to add layers and shed the manually played percussion of all its earthliness. The res…
7 Types of Ambiguity - A Parade
Arto Lindsay's 7 Types of Ambiguity - A Parade is a stereo mix of an original sound installation that was installed at ECAL / University of Arts and Design, Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2022 as part of a research project led by Thibault Walter and Stéphane Kropf called Phantom Power. The idea was simple, and yet the process and level of collaborative work implied was enormous: how to recreate a carnival parade -of the kind Arto had witnessed in the streets of Bahia in Brazil numerous times- inside …
Aleksandre Kiladze's Jazz Choral
One of the rarest Georgian [Soviet] releases ever. Previously unreleased song "Borjomi Valley", new Georgian Reissue label TBILISI Records from Vodkast.
Wamono Disco - Nippon Columbia Disco & Boogie Hits 1978​-​1982
In the mid-seventies, discotheques were booming in Tokyo and all over Japan. When the Fatback Band climbed the 1975 US and UK charts with their infectious “(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop” hit, Japanese label Victor put out the following year the first Japan made Disco tune with “Sexy Bus Stop”, released under the mysterious name Dr. Dragon & Oriental Express, a pseudonym for successful Japanese pop composer Kyohei Tsutsumi. “Sexy Bus Stop” became an instant hit in the country and, taking this o…
Kind Mind
Following the live Kind Mind recording from 2020 that focused on the 'intimate and inventive' style of improvisation the trio had been engaged in up till that point, this new full length studio album dramatically shifts the approach. Built around 6 new compositions by Josh Cole and guided by a heightened interest in shaping improvisations with electronics and samples (aided by Matthew Pencer and Sandro Perri), the music is intentionally distilled, the compositions presented with clarity, restrai…
TIp! "This tape was the very first idea I had when considering starting the label. Actually, it may have even be the other way around: the possibility of recording and releasing the first Tom Chant solo album acted as the catalyst for Hera Corp. My main concept behind the label was as simple as "release the music you want to listen to”, and I've listened to and played with Tom so many countless times that I didn't need to think twice. It's difficult for me to point to a specific lineage or style…
Beautiful collaboration between Miguel A. Garcia and Jean-Luc Guionnet on new Spanish label Hera Corp. Recorded at Sala Bastida, Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao)
Catholic Euphoria​/​Heaven Annihilates
TIp! Quiet and blistering harsh acoustic noise. Pere Xirau: snare drumÀlex Reviriego: double bass
*2023 stock* Usual to a thousand and one shindigs in the most exploratory field of music, Àlex Reviriego has left his usual double bass and has delved into the possibilities of the acoustic guitar. The shadows of feedback generate ghosts that in turn are spirits. The image of Dorothea of Cappadocia also has its shadows. Is it really her or Saint Lucia whom Giacomo Gestaro wanted to paint? Tiago Pina, responsible for the design of the k7, has ended up adding a new shadow to the image.
TIp! *2023 stock* After a year with plenty of band-oriented releases and collaborations, Àlex Reviriego goes back to the solo, his favourite format and one that he’s been cultivating since the very beginning of his career. Following Blaue Tauben (Sirulita 2018), Raben is the second chapter of his “german poets trilogy”, this time inspired by the writings of Paul Celan. If the Trakl-inspired Blaue Tauben was full-on in the bleak expressionistic domain, packed with grit and aggression, this new co…
Crystal Mine presents Leukolenos by Alex Reviriego. Organ and feedback etudes. Mixed and mastered by Jan Valls and Àlex Reviriego. Artwork by Tània Gumbau.
Blank Forms 09: Sound Signatures (book)
The penultimate Blank Forms anthology presents new, in-depth interviews with musicians Theo Parrish, Amelia Cuni, Akio Suzuki, and more. At the centerpiece of Blank Forms 09: Sound Signatures is a career-spanning, twenty-hour conversation conducted over four days between producer, remixer, and Detroit house music legend Theo Parrish and veteran music journalist Mike Rubin. They go deep on Parrish's childhood in Chicago's South Side, sculptural training, and collaborations with Moodymann, Rick Wi…
Turning in Space
*200 copies limited edition* Turning in Space, a new cassette box set by Áine O’Dwyer, compiles a series of sonic choreographies conducted at the artist’s living and studio space in suburban East London. Since summer 2015, O’Dwyer has been a resident of the Lady Helen Seymour House, a former hospital, in a building-wide unit that gives the artist a stereophonic impression of the auditory surround. Inspired by the “natural musics” of the house’s structure (its acoustics, creaks, and room tone) an…
"Dialog: Two Rooms One Vibraphone 1 to 6 & Five Interludes differs, however, from the classical Greek idea of dialectics, that of thesis-antithesis-synthesis, in one respect. There is thesis, from Armaroli, and antithesis, from Parker, but it is a third party, the listener, who provides the synthesis. And there will be as many syntheses, and as much diversity among them, as there are those of us tuning in." -Chris May
Mephistopheles To Orgasm (Revisited)
“He was nomadic. The strongest and most lasting thing you can say about Alan is that he was an original, as original as you can get. He didn’t want any academic guidelines to equip him to reinvent the wheel. If he saw something like that, he’d go the other way.” – Wayne Shorter
Let Freedom Ring To Destination...Out! (Revisited)
Reflecting both early experiences and recent developments with jazz’s avant-garde, these two albums are the most adventurous, and Let Freedom Ring quite possibly the most personal, music Jackie McLean ever recorded. – Art Lange
"Femenine stages Eastman’s shaping and buildingof the black queer masculine form – caught notnecessarily between two poles of gender, but withhis work constantly driving his own self-making.He was an inventor and sculptor, reminiscent of Jean Tinguely and Harry Bertoia. Clanging, noisy, joyful, and playful in turn, the sound sculptureemerges from these primary elements, mouldingand pressing, jiggering and jolleying, through alinear  flow  of  sound  and  insistent  chordalpunctuations. The contin…
Taboo II
Four new and reworked songs from Wave Temples delivered on a beautifully exotic 7". Further into the jungle, the submissive touch of the deepest thicket. Of beachside oracles and openers to the path of penetrating rituals of night. Moist treasure; Exotic dream. “Wave Temples is more serene than surreal. [...] Wave Temples uses repeated patterns to hypnotizing effect.”J. Edward Keyes - Bandcamp Daily “Warm and creepy, perfect for immersing oneself in” - Blair M - TheLetter.co.uk “... field record…
The Closest Thing to Silence
In August 2022 the Australia-based, French born new age musician and electronic music composer Ariel Kalma was invited to participate in BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction series of special collaborations. The program pairs artists who have not previously worked together to create new music cooperatively. Kalma was quick to suggest working with two musicians whom he had never met – International Anthem recording artists Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer, whose critically-acclaimed duo debut Recordings …
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