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Double Beat Sequencer (6CD Box)

Label: Slowdown Records

Format: 6CD Box

Genre: Noise

In stock


"The fourteenth series of the Merzbow archive series, which began in 2018 and focuses on unreleased and unearthed material, is a collection of unreleased recordings from 2014 that were performed with a sequencer in the background: Double Beat Sequencer Vol. 1, Double Beat Sequencer Vol.2", "Double Beat Sequencer Vol.3", "Double Beat Sequencer Vol.4", "Double Beat Sequencer Vol.5" and "Double Beat Sequencer Vol.6". Double Beat Sequencer" is a boxed set of all six of these works. The sequencer used is The Pitch Grinder, an 8-step sequencer from Dwarfcraft Devices. Double Beat, which is also part of the series name, is the name of Merzbow's favorite Roland AD-50 Wah Fuzz pedal. Sound sources in this vein are included in the previously released works Nezumimochi (Cold Spring, 2014) and Wildwood (Dirter Promotions, 2015).

Although Merzbow's use of sequencers has been very limited, he has used repetitive sounds in a variety of ways over the course of his career. However, the looped phrases of the sequencer in this series tend to move in a higher and wider range than, for example, the acidic bass loops used in his previous works, and the performance develops with a somewhat lighter center of gravity. In addition, there are various ways to create ups and downs in the performance, such as break-like scenes created by sequencer sounds being cut off, and scenes in which multiple grooves run side by side as loops are created in areas other than the sequence, such as noise and sounds through the AD-50." - Yorozu

Cat. number: SDRSW 136
Year: 2022
CDs come individually packaged inside cardboard sleeves, with a paper gatefold sleeve encasing them. All 6 CDs come packaged inside a 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" box. CD1: Recorded at Munemihouse, Tokyo January 2014. Mixed at Munemihouse, May 2021. CD2: Recorded at Munemihouse, Tokyo January & March 2014. Mixed at Munemihouse, May 2021. CD3: Recorded at Munemihouse, Tokyo January & April 2014. Mixed at Munemihouse, May 2021. CD4: Recorded at Munemihouse, Tokyo March 2014. Mixed at Munemihouse, May 2021. CD5: Recorded at Munemihouse, Tokyo March & April 2014. Mixed at Munemihouse, May 2021. CD6: Recorded at Munemihouse, Tokyo July 2014. Mixed at Munemihouse, May 2021. Mastered at Kentaro Hayashi, Osaka, Japan. [sic]

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