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Arrangement (6CD Box)

Label: Slowdown Records

Format: 6CD Box

Genre: Noise

In stock


"This is the eleventh release in the Merzbow Archive series by Slowdown Records, which began in 2018. This box (Arrangement) contains six albums from 2004 to 2005: "15 August 2006", "27 August 2006", "Bloodour", "Coma Test", "Yono's Journey", "Feedback", and "Purple Yellow". Other Merzbow's works during this period include "Minazo" (Important Records, 2006), "F.I.D. (Fur Is Dead)" (Fourth Dimension Records, 2006), "Bloody Sea" (Vivo, 2007), "Merzbear" ( Important Records, 2007), and Peace For Animals (Quasi Pop Records, 2007), all of which have been released in memorials to the southern elephant seals kept at the Enoshima Aquarium, against fur, whaling and dolphin fishing, bear slaughter, and the Yasukuni Shrine pigeon release ceremony. As can be seen from the fact that each of these works has a message of protest against the Yasukuni Shrine pigeon release ceremony, the first feature that stands out is that Akita's focus on animal rights since becoming a vegan in 2003 is expressed in his works as a statement of opposition to more specific issues.

This period also marked a major change in the band's musical direction, as they stopped playing live only on laptop computers, which they had been doing since 1999, and started using analog equipment again. Initially, the band only used laptops with homemade instruments and a few effects pedals, but as time went on, the use of analog equipment gradually increased. In addition, he started to use the amps on stage again, which he had stopped using in his laptop-only live performances. In this box, you can find live sound sources using EMS Synthi A again (together with computers and pedal effectors), which was heavily used in Merzbow's works in the late 90's, outtakes and other versions of the same period's works, as well as post-black metal music, which was one of the unique attempts in this period.

The album also contains outtakes and other versions of the same period's works, as well as material that shows a post-black metal musicality, which was one of the unique experiments of this period. The live recordings from this period in particular are a combination of synthesizers, self-made instruments and pedal effects, and computers, all of which are approaches that have been established over a long period of time." - Yorozu

Cat. number: SDRSW 121
Year: 2021
CDs come individually packaged inside cardboard sleeves, with a paper gatefold sleeve encasing them. All 6 CDs come packaged inside a 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" box with a gatefold insert inside. CD1: Recorded live at Metro, Kyoto, 15 August 2006. Remixed at Munemihouse, Tokyo Aug 2020. CD2: Recorded live at Mixrooffice, Tokyo, 27 August 2006. Remixed at Munenihouse, Tokyo Aug 2020. CD3: Recorded at Bedroom Feb 2006 (tr1), July 2007 (tr2) & Oct 2007 (tr3). Remixed & Remastered at Munemihouse, Aug 2020. CD4: Recorded at Bedroom Jan 2007 (tr1-3), April 2006 (tr4-5). Remixed & Remastered at Munemihouse Aug 2020. CD5: Recorded at Bedroom July 2007 (tr1); July 2007 (tr2) & Oct 2007 (tr3). Remixed & Remastered at Munemihouse Aug 2020. CD6: Recorded at Bedroom Oct 2007. Remixed & Remastered at Munemihouse Aug 2020.

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