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Eva-Maria Houben

Works for tromba marina

Label: Edition Wandelweiser

Format: CD

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Composer: Eva-Maria Houben. Performer: Hans Eberhard Maldfeld (tromba marina). 'ein liederbuch' 13 songs Ð to be played in free order, all or in small groups, or just a single song. The tromba marina sings Ð and dances. It sings Ð and moves in varying tempi: andante sostenuto, allegro ma non troppo, adagio, allegretto moto, comodo, adagissimo, allegretto quasi andantino, molto moderato, largo... 'dreistzig' The tromba marina can be so many things. A kettledrum, a bass drum, percussion: timpano; a small trumpet, a piccolo trumpet - with melody and accompaniment: clarino; a continuo instrument Ð a virtually endless flowing and streaming: continuo. The instrument tells about its history - and in doing so allows me to discover its present.

Cat. number: EWR 0712
Year: 2007