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Jürg Frey

Ephemeral Constructions

Label: Edition Wandelweiser

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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University of South Carolina experimental music workshop, Greg Stuart (director). Kallam Ashmore (objects), Brian Bethea (saxophone), Erik Carlson (violin), Eric Dennis (objects), James Easteppe (guitar), Jürg Frey (clarinet), Michael Halbrook (objects), Timothy Hall (guitar), John Kammerer (horn), Aj Karp (objects), Logan Mclean (voice), Lauren Phillips (objects), Brooke Rosenberg (objects), Chris Ruggiero (objects), Jessica Russell (objects), Nikil Sairam (violin), Bailey Seabury (percussion), Michelle Beck (horn), Olivia Smithson (objects), Philip Snyder (flute), Drake Strobel (objects), Greg Stuart (vibraphone/percussion), Neil Thomas (objects), Rachel Whelan (flute/piano)

this recording is made possible by a grant from the south carolina honors college through the generous support of jeannette and marshall winn '74.

Cat. number: EWR 1709
Year: 2017

1.    ephemeral constructions (2015 / 16)
2.    circular music #7 (2015)
3.    circular music #6 (2015)