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Eva-Maria Houben

Works for piano

Label: Edition Wandelweiser

Format: CD

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Composer: Eva-Maria Houben. Performer: Eva-Maria Houben (piano). 'the sound of the piano decays. it cannot be sustained. I let it loose time and again. it appears by disappearing; starting to disappear just after the attack. in disappearing it begins to live, to change. the piano: an instrument, that allows me to hear how many ways sound can disappear. there seems to be no end to disappearance. I can hear, how listening becomes the awareness of fading sound.' 'Klavier' (2003). 'Drei chorle (penser à Satie) (2007). 'Senza espressione' (2007). 'Und entfernt sich wieder-singend' (2005), 'Three lullabies' (2007).

Cat. number: EWR 1003-04
Year: 2009