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New Arrivals

Pedreres (Lp)
New album from Nad Spiro in a special vinyl edition co-released by Geometrik and Munster Records. In her new sonic fiction, Rosa Arruti, aka Nad Spiro, reveals an unusual dimension of her work, using just one guitar and four pedals on her sonic explorations through the lost quarries of Montjuïc, the legendary mountain of Barcelona. Armed just with her guitar, Spiro activates subterranean echoes, spectral loops, and secret vibrations on an initiation trip through invisible labyrinths. Enigmatical…
LP | €19.90
Kontury (LP)
**Original score from obscure Polish movie 'Kontury' (1984), directed by Lucjan Kut. Remastered from the original tapes** Poland, early 80's. Lieutenant Miosz Szwajcer is assigned to the young student's murder case. Struggling with his personal life and unclear releationship with recently murdered young woman, he tirelessly chases the psychopathic killer. Things are darker than they seem. Strange things soon begin to occur. He must decipher the reality from his delusions, phantoms and supernatur…
LP | €16.90
Tapetopia 002: GDR Underground Tapes (1984-1989)
To release a tape in East Germany in 1986 called Ihre großen Erfolge (Their Great Successes) illustrates how every situation produces people that are unwilling to accept that situation. Claus Löser and Florian Merkel were two such people. Their band Die Gehirne and their many side-projects ensured that their hometown of Karl-Marx-Stadt, today's Chemnitz, could assert its role in the independent art world of the GDR. Inspirations included Frank Bretschneider from the experimental electronic band …
LP | €23.90
Tapetopia 001: GDR Underground Tapes (1984-1989)
Tapetopia 001 -- A Collection of East German Underground Tapes. In 1988, the legendary freak wave outfit Ornament & Verbrechen handed out some 20 to 30 copies of their Rotmaul-Tape to friends. The band, formed by the Lippok brothers, emerged from the first East Berlin punk group Rosa Extra and the avant-wave project Fünf Wochen im Ballon. From the moment of O&V's inception, the band was the wellspring for many acts that would subsequently branch off as tributaries and streams in the East Berlin …
LP | €23.90
Music is the Most Beautiful Language in the World: Yiddisher Jazz in London's East End 1920s-1950s
LP version. A vibrant soundtrack to the Cockney Jewish experience, when the swinging hot dance bands were still all the rage, and the Yiddish language was spoken on the streets of Whitechapel. Feast on long forgotten 78 rpm discs that have only recently been unearthed, starring a host of recording artists united for the first time. Hear the legendary dance band figures of the era like Bert Ambrose and his Orchestra, and Lew Stone and his Monseigneur Band, to the relatively unknown Jewish special…
LP | €14.00
Im Lungau (LP)
**In process of stocking** About this record and how Limpe and Paul Fuchs got together with Friedrich Gulda: In 1968, the Austrian classical and jazz pianist Friedrich Gulda organized the First International Music Forum of Ossiachersee with the theme "Improvisation in Music -- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow". During the third edition of the festival, Gulda got to know the band Anima Sound and was fascinated by their "absolute free music", which they played on home-made instruments. Anima Sound wa…
LP | €19.90
Mixing Colours (2LP)
Empathetic ambient siblings Roger & Brian Eno gently experiment with synaesthetic sound-colour pieces inspired by Schubert on 18 MIDI visions recorded over the last 15 years. It’s super sweet stuff, a necessary balm for current states of psychic anxiety.  “Roger and Brian Eno explore the nature of sound in their first ever duo album, Mixing Colours. The album’s eighteen soundscapes invite listeners to immerse themselves in the infinite space that lies below their surface. Coming out on Deutsche …
LP | €35.00
Tape from Oort Cloud (LP)
Tip! **200 copies** Sedimental is honored to partner with Skell to release the latest majestic work from Mike Griffin’s Parashi: Tape from Oort Cloud. Griffin has honed an aesthetic that few are capable of attaining let alone comprehending: elegence and refinement fused to intense, sonic, noise-based electronics and sound sources. Over the two sides and four tracks Griffin conjures complex, heavy and nuanced terrain that triggers buried images and emotions without being emotional and that acts a…
LP | €18.90
My Favorite Things - Graz 1962
**In process of stocking** What these performances then, and those in Impression Graz 1962, reveal is a great artist in a period of continued exploration and uncertainties, committed to integrating the exactness of order and the abandon of ecstasy, and reconfirming his improvisational quest as a spiritual discipline. But there were profound changes still to come. - Art Longe The four tracks on this release have been selected from the 1962 concert tape which Hat Hut Records has licensed from ORF …
CD | €14.50
Breaking News - Studio Dan
**In process of stocking** Founded in 2005, Studio Dan is a flexible ensemble, operating on the borders between diverse subgenres of contemporary music: improvisation, new music, jazz, art-rock, and others. The ensemble tours internationally. Appearances include concerts at Wien Modern and Ostava Music Days, and venuse such as Kampnagel Hamburg, Kimmel Center Philadelphia, and the legendary Roulette in Brooklyn/NYC. Past guest soloist and collaborations with Studio Dan include also Vinko Globoka…
CD | €14.50
Extended for Strings and Piano
A live album at Kunstraum Walcheturm from Swiss double bassist Daniel Studer's quintet of strings and piano, with Harald Kimmig on violin, Frantz Loriot on viola, Alfred Zimmerlin on violoncello, and Philip Zoubek on piano, performing an inventive set of Studer compositions extending string improvisation to extremes through unorthodox structures and techniques.
CD | €14.50
Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin and George Lewis
The innovative string trio of Daniel Studer on double bass, Harald Kimmig on violin, and Alfred Zimmerlin on cello, develop focused environments of timbre, texture, dynamic and space, seemingly abstract yet incredibly concentrative and virtuosic interaction, here joined by Chicago trombonist and electronics artist George Lewis adding a 4th profound layer to their incredible conversation.
CD | €14.50
Works For Guitar & Percussion
Active since 2010, the German/Swiss duo of classical guitarist Christian Buck and improviser Christian Wolfarth occupies a space between music and sound art, as they perform two works each by Ed Haubensak and Tomas Korber, pieces that make use of time, microharmonies, multiphonics, unusual tuning systems, interference patterns, and other conceptual approaches to music.
CD | €14.50
Le Souffle Du Temps II - Reflexion
Through preparations, computers, contact microphones, gongs, feedback and other tools, Swiss pianist, composer & improviser Judith Wegmann's work transform the sound of the piano into an otherworldly instrument, set against more traditional acoustic pieces of a reflective nature, together creating a conceptual set of ten pieces in a uniquely flexible approach.
CD | €14.50
Works For Travelled Pianos
As part of her Colonial Piano Project, Australian pianist Gabriella Smart commissioned and performs "Kaps Freed" by Cat Hope, a contemplation of composer Percy Grainger's Free Music ideals, with Stuart James on electronics; and the alliterative "Two New Proposals for an Overland Telegraph Line ..." by Erkki Veltheim, inspired by the 1st piano to arrive in Alice Springs, AU.
CD | €14.50
Music For Piano
Six compositions for solo piano written by English composerb Christopher Fox between 1991 and 2015, performed by Netherlands pianist John Snijders at Abbey Road Studios in London, each work uniquely approached in both writing and performance, each a concept or style that brings something unique to Fox's music while still retaining his voice and character in composition.
CD | €14.50
Out Of The Hole
West Coast composer and saxophonist Noah Kaplan, associated with Anthony Coleman, David Tronzo, Peter Erskine, Rinde Eckert, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri, Joe Maneri, &c., here in his 3rd album with his Noah Kaplan Quartet, in a set of original compositions and one standard performed with Joe Morris (guitar), Giacomo Merega (electric bass) & Jason Nazary (drums, electronics).
CD | €14.50
Embryo's Rache (LP colour)
**Coloured vinyl edition. 180 gr. vinyl, remastered** A cornerstone in European experimental and popular modern composition. Formed around the core of jazz vibrafonist Christian Burchard and drummer Dieter Serfas, the band started their career in Munich in 1969. 40 years later, more than 300 musicians have passed thru' their ranks, from their colleagues of Amon Duül II (Lother Meid, Chris Karrer, Jimmy Jackson), Xhol (Hansi Fischer), Between (Roberto Detree, Peter Hamel) to renowned jazzmen (Cha…
LP | €25.90
Embryo's Rache (LP)
**Black vinyl, 180 grams, remastered** The second album by Christian Burchard and alumni was released in 1971 on the prestigious United Artists imprint, only a year after their debut. A significantly progression and the first venture in the realm of the ethnic/world-rock fusion that would come to be their trademark. The gang from Munich flew over a series of packed jam showing their authentic passion for the middle east . Combining a series of progressive numbers, still miles away from their bri…
LP | €24.90
Opal (LP)
**Black vinyl edition** A cornerstone in European experimental and popular modern composition. Formed around the core of jazz vibrafonist Christian Burchard and drummer Dieter Serfas, the band started their career in Munich in 1969. 40 years later, more than 300 musicians have passed thru' their ranks, from their colleagues of Amon Duül II (Lother Meid, Chris Karrer, Jimmy Jackson), Xhol (Hansi Fischer), Between (Roberto Detree, Peter Hamel) to renowned jazzmen (Charlie Mariano, Mal Waldron) or …
LP | €24.90