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New Arrivals

Ma 間
Fabio Perletta and Luigi Turra’s "Ma" marks their first collaboration. The project began with Turra inviting Perletta to re-work his piece "Texture.Vitra" (Koyuki, 2008), a sound study featuring recordings collected at various architectural spaces designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The resulting three pieces were crafted in an attempt to perform an active dialogue between Tadao Ando’s aesthetic principles and sonic practice. 

The album unfolds as a temporal, environmental experience of …
CD | €12.50
Two Years
**CD Edition** Rolling through life, an open mind like an ocean, an infinite ride that comes furiously crashing to a halt. This is Whitney K’s ‘Two Years’, a deep dive into the Canadian songwriter’s journey through vulnerability, change and ultimately letting his guard down. Whitney K is the wandering stalwart Konner Whitney, a Whitehorse Yukon resident who has spent time in Vancouver, Montreal, Burnaby and Los Angeles. We met the character in 2016 through his intoxicating 4-track recorded manif…
CD | €11.00
The Appointed Cloud (LP)
Saltern present the first-time vinyl edition of Yoshi Wada's The Appointed Cloud (1987), a work which Wada has often said is his favorite of his own. Staged at the Great Hall of the New York Hall of Science, The Appointed Cloud was Wada's first large-scale, interactive installation and featured a custom pipe organ, among other homemade instruments, controlled by a computer with a customized interface and software designed by engineer David Rayna, known for his work with La Monte Young. This reco…
LP | €23.90
Memory Game
* CD in 6-panel wallet, designed by Denise Burt, including a booklet with lyrics and liner notes by the composer * Memory Game is both a look back at a pivotal point in Meredith Monk’s storied career, and a richly layered portrait of how vocal music, under the guidance of an indefatigable master, can play with our expectations in poignant and compelling ways. What emerges is a suite of songs that flows with a remarkable narrative cohesion, stemming in large part from the composer’s willingness t…
CD | €18.00
The failure of the Waterfront Project. A social, architectural and landscape intervention planned for years as a redevelopment of the coastal stretch and as a new connection between the port and the city. After the collapse of the bridges, the Artificial Island began to move to reach its two sister islands facing the city. Since then, things have definitely fallen apart. The harbor sirens mourn the death of another son of the two seas and the last gangs skirt the wall that separates the city fro…
CD | €12.00
Sorgente is the first solo album by the Italian Maestro Devid Ciampalini. Recorded in a period of isolation spent in Garfagnana, a geographical and historical area in Tuscany, between the Apuan Alps and the main chain of the Tuscan Emilian Apennines, Sorgente reflects the nature of his genesis and the shapeless character of the watercourses which inspired it. On the footsteps of itineraries traveled in youth, Devid opens a dialogue between the natural elements of these unspoiled landscapes and t…
CD | €12.00
Mass Files (5LP Box)
From the hands of the Swiss visual artist Veronika Spierenburg, comes "Mass Files", a truly stunning 5 LP box set of field recordings made in various corners of the globe during the last year, capturing the changing sonic landscapes in which we have lived. Political, prescient, and filled with hope and imagination, it's one of the most exciting offerings we've seen emerge from the complexities and challenges of this time, and about as historically important as releases come.
5LP Box | €120.00
Martellate. Scritti Fighi 1990-2020. Lydia Mancinelli Legge Marcello Maloberti (White LP)
Xing presents the artist record Martellate. Scritti Fighi 1990-2020. Lydia Mancinelli Legge Marcello Maloberti (hammerings. Cool Writings 1990-2020. Lydia Mancinelli Reads Marcello Maloberti), second release of the XONG series. Italian actress Lydia Mancinelli, stage and life partner of the avant-guard author Carmelo Bene, reads the “written voices” of Martellate, a collection of impulsive written fragments by the visual artist Marcello Maloberti. The release is on white vinyl, in a limited and …
LP | €19.90
Once More (White LP)
Xing presents the first release of the XONG series: the artist record Once More by Kinkaleri performance group and the photographer and artist Jacopo Benassi. The release is on white vinyl, in a limited and numbered edition, and it comes with a 24-page booklet with photos by Jacopo Benassi.
LP | €19.90
Music for Xavier Veilhan (7")
Jonathan Fitoussi is a French composer that explores an electronic music versed in futuristic tones that evokes the vision of the future as it was perceived in the 60s or 70s, mixed with the perception of a unique, utopic world, yet to be reached, yet to be build. After his last album Plein Soleil on the label, he offers here a limited run of 300 copies for his new release, contained in a transparent sleeve with postcard."Rayons" illustrates Les Rayons (Sarus), 2016, a sculpture by Xavier Veilha…
LP | €12.00
Didone (LP)
** 12” LP edition of 300 copies with cover artwork and booklet featuring illustrations by Ettore Tripodi ** In September 2019 Alessandro Bosetti was invited by fellow composer and curator Riccardo La Foresta to create a new work for a newly created ensemble as part of a residency program hosted by Centro Musica in Modena, Italy. The very first encounter took place on Skype – kind of a prediction of the forthcoming physically distanced pandemic times. The first, straight-to-the-point question Bos…
LP | €15.90
Deva Ovel
* Edition of 200 * This self-titled LP is the first batch of tracks delivered by the polymorphous sounding entity identifying themself as Deva Ovel. Emerging from the Adriatic coast, the sound of Deva Ovel manifests in a captivating layering of vocal fragments, where text and voice are filtered, altered and stretched through digital and analog processing and melted with intense, yet slowly evolving textures of tape loops and ambient tropes. As a result, these seven mesmerizing tracks compose an …
CD | €10.00
Pietra e Oggetto
A sparse and subtle jungle comprises the pieces that make up "Pietra e Oggetto". It is subtle, as such it remains in the memory. Thanks to the device of silence, which is like the air in between things, it allows time for what we have heard to imprint on our acoustic sketchpad. Like closing your eyes to preserve a memory and then moving on to the next. We feel a certain privilege in listening to these undecidable environments; these composite and hybrid objects filled with synthetic biodiversity…
CD | €10.00
Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators (CD)
* In pocess of stocking * Alvin Lucier is one of America’s foremost experimentalists, challenging the fundamental principles of music and focusing on acoustic phenomena and how listeners perceive them. Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators explores the acoustic ‘beating’ effects and tuning phenomena of sine waves against piano tones. This new XL version expands the extraordinary listening experience in a work described by Nicolas Horvath as ‘immersive, intense and enigmatic’. Lit…
CD | €18.50
Songs from the Shore (LP)
In Japanese folklore, Afuma indicates a time of day marked by spiritual or mysterious encounter. In Latin, one who inhales. Together as Afuma, Stefan Tcherepnin, and Taketo Shimada breathe sepulchral energies into the brooding, cosmic fringes of guitar-based song vernacular. Tcherepnin’s baritone and Shimada’s lap steel guitar intertwine, smearing across world’s-end horizons that propel Tcherepnin’s ragged, foreboding vocal delivery and its lyrical portents of departure, of life’s vessel unmoore…
LP | €21.90
Odeyalo (LP)
* Edition of 200 12" Turquoise Colored Vinyl. Hand-numbered. * "Odeyalo" is a Russian word that means "blanket". This blanket is made from many rags. It's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins, but the main thing is that you can cover yourself with this blanket. Foresteppe is the musical project by Egor Klochikhin, artist and history teacher from Russia. Foresteppe's music is a constant experiment with the sounds of tape cassettes, acoustic instruments, field recordings and electronic…
LP | €19.90
Still (LP)
**2021 Stock. Edition of 400** Rotorelief presents Still by Honeymoon Cowboys.  Dark and gloomy sounds from the Wild West with great passion and a touch of joy. The Honeymoon Cowboys are a Belgian rock band formed by Antonio Palermo (guitar) and Klaas Hoogerwaard (drums) of ex-Siglo XX together with Tom Van Troyen (vocals), Kris Dries (bass) and Thomas Francois (keyboards).
LP | €25.90
Theatre Musical (LP)
In process of stocking. Monster Mélodies presents Concert Théâtral, an unpublished public recording by Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem dating from 1973. Areski Belkacem and Brigitte Fontaine, major artists of the French counterculture, were often be censored or deliberately ignored by the media due to their libertarian positions. Obtaining success at a late stage, it was not until the album Kékéland in 2001 and Rue Saint Louis en l'Ile in 2004, for Brigitte Fontaine to earn gold records. A…
LP | €28.00
Confusional Quartet (LP)
* Red vinyl, 180gr Vinyl. A milestone * Out of any classification of musical genre, "Confusional Quartet" is a distillation of the creativity and freedom of expression that in 1977 put Bologna at the center of the international cultural scene. This record places the Confusional Quartet in the history of Italian alternative music Futurism with its dynamic force, youthful spirit, attention to innovation and a bit of Italian histrionism; the sixties with their hopeful and playful atmosphere and the…
LP | €25.90
Last Chance (LP)
** Edition of 500. The record has been remastered and is pressed on 180-gram black vinyl. Lyric insert sheet. ** Minimal Wave is are excited to announce the reissue of a rare self-released record by Plugpoint Music called 'Last Chance'. Plugpoint Music was the minimal synth project of Reiner Ossmann, who recorded the 12 songs on this album in his home studio in Germany in 1987 and released them as an edition of 200 copies. This gem of a record was never properly distributed and so essentially di…
LP | €25.90